Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Review – Sunset Dinner

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Review - Sunset Dinner

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Review – Sunset Dinner

When Traveling as a couple it is always important to have some couple time. Being in Fremantle we thought it would be nice to try out Zephyr Cafe for a sunset dinner and it didn’t disappoint. This Article is all about Zephyr Cafe and Why you should have a sunset dinner there when you are traveling around Fremantle.

Disclaimer: Zephyr Cafe, Has not paid me to write this, They do not even know I am Writing it. I am writing it because I want to give good reviews where there due (not paid)

Sunset over the swan river outside Zephyr Cafe

Sunset over the swan river View from Zephyr Cafe

A Little bit of Zephyr Cafe

Located in East Fremantle on the Swan River (61 Riverside Rd, East Fremantle WA 6158) Riverside cafe in the day, Restaurant at night. Just outside the Cafe, there is a Beach River Bank.  It has beautiful views as well as being in a quiet part of Fremantle. The Website for Zephyr Cafe is http://www.zephyrcafe.com.au/ . The Cafe is in the John Tonkin Reserve which is a relaxing park with a creepy statue.  Unlike most places have 3 hours free parking outside the cafe which is a result, due to Fremantle being known for its terrible parking prices.


John Tonkin Reserve

John Tonkin Reserve

John Tonkin Reserve Creepy Statue

John Tonkin Reserve Creepy Statue

Our experience of Zephyr Cafe

The 1st time I ever heard of Zephyr Cafe, was when I was going for one of my long walks about Fremantle and its location areas. I stopped by the cafe and decided to have an Ice Mocha and Brownie. It was delicious. Which made me think about treating Taylor to a drink or something there when I came across a poster advertising sunset meals! It took me then 55 minutes to walk back to the YHA Fremantle Hostel.

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle, Ice mocha and Brownie

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle, Ice mocha and Brownie

Zephyr Cafe Fremantle Sunset meals

I never took up the offer, but liked the idea!

About a week later

I rang up the cafe and booked a table, unsure how busy it would be, even with it being on a Thursday night. booked the table for 18: 15. Already looked ahead on the internet for the sunset time 18:47 (Check out the times here).

We Left the Fremantle YHA Hostel at 18:00 leaving plenty of time via Uber Which cost around $10 (Each way). On entering we were greeted by very friendly staff which showed us to our table. The cafe wasn’t very busy but there aren’t many tables so only a couple more people would change that.

First opinions were they did a good job of turning the cafe into a restaurant.

Zephyr Cafe At night

Our meals

Shortly after ordering a glass of wine and cider and our two meals.(Fish and Chips, And Seafood Pasta dish) They arrived and they were huge! Massive servings!

Zephyr Cafe Seafood pasta

Seafood pasta

Zephyr Cafe Fish and chips

Fish and chips

Sean Brett Enjoying the dinner

Me Enjoying the dinner

They tasted amazing too. I was totally stuffed after not as everyone knows you have a second stomach for desserts! So we shared the chocolate cake and it didn’t disappoint.

ZEPHYR CAFE chocolate cake

chocolate cake

 The Sunset

The sunset was the reason why we decided to head to Zephyr Cafe in the first place and It didn’t disappoint. It was a great end to a fantastic night! The night itself costs less than $100 and I highly recommend you trying this for yourself while you’re in Fremantle. It’s currently a bit of hidden gem…

Sunset over the swan river View from Zephyr Cafe

Sunset over the swan river View from Zephyr Cafe


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