YHA Fremantle Prison

YHA Fremantle Prison -The Best Hostel In The World?

Is the YHA Fremantle Prison the best hostel in the world?

I believe so!  I might be a “little” bit bias But other people think  YHA Fremantle Prison is the best hostel too!

2017 Winner of the best YHA Australia overall hostel

2017 Winner of  YHA Australia most unique Hostel.

Winner of 2018 Adventure Tourism Awards (The year I was there, just saying!)

Let me Move on to explain why I believe the YHA Fremantle Prison is the best hostel in the world.

Fremantle YHA Prison

The uniqueness about the place

How many of you guys can say you have slept in a prison cell? Actually, don’t answer that.

The YHA Fremantle Prison is one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Status buildings in Australia and dates back to 1850s which makes It one of the oldest buildings in the whole of Australia, Pretty cool for a Hostel. There is a lot of information about the prison all on the walls. Which talks about the ex-prisoners conditions, Hangings, and escapes. Strangely even with all this information, it is not as spooky as you can imagine

This moves me nicely on to…

Fremantle YHA Prison

Cell Rooms

The Range of Different rooms

Have you ever wanted to stay in a prison cell? Again don’t Answer that.

The YHA Fremantle Prison has an amazing range of rooms to fit any travelers needs, From 10 bed mixed Dorms to 4-bed Gender only dorms.

Prison Cell rooms, Which are the cells where the females use to be locked up in, These are 2-bed private rooms with shared facilities

Private Family and 4 share rooms en-suite. Which are the Luxury way of traveling, Double or singles beds are available

The Grandmaster is the fact you can actually hire a whole 6-bed cottage including kitchen, Which is the old warden’s cottage!

YHA Fremantle Prison

The Price

The price does vary like a lot of hostels so I will not state directly on here, But for the best offer head online at www.yha.com.au

But saying this, it one of the cheapest hostels around, But it shouldn’t be as it is in a different league.


Fremantle YHA Prison Review

YHA Customer Reviews

Fremantle YHA Prison Review

The average rating from booking.com 

But this has to be one of my favorite reviews about the place!

YHA Fremantle Prison review

I don’t know who this English guy from Essex is but he sounds pretty dam cool. (This Review is now on my CV)


As you can see by the reviews the staff are amazingly helpful and friendly! Especially the Guy from Essex, There needs more about him!

Of course, I’m biased but the staff here are amazing!

Sean Brett YHA Fremantle Prison


Unlike a lot of hostels, The Actives at The YHA Fremantle Prison bring travelers together. They might be chilling at;

  • Monday’s Movie Night
  • Tuesday’s Free Food
  • Friday’s Wine and Cheese (Goon and cheddar)
  • Sunday Pancakes

Then decide to go on a road trip, I have seen multiple friendships be born over a good bit of goon at the prison!

On a plus note, there is free breakfast every day!

Goon and cheese


As I have mentioned about a million times while blogging how much I love Fremantle. With its amazing scenery , things to do and Just its vibe. I think the Hostel is Situated in one of the places in the world, If want to Know more about Fremantle and what there is to do around there check out this blog 

Fremantle Harbour : Bridge


The mix of social and quiet is spot on here, You can relax in peace a quite in the common room. The kitchen area you can have a drink or play a game of cards. This is no way a party hostel. But the atmosphere is Amazing!

My video on the place

So I need to mention my video, for a little bit of fun, I made a day in a life of Prisoner. I don’t need to say much more than check out the video. The video also gives you a rough idea of what it is like staying in a prison hostel!


Thanks for reading

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