Do it today not this year

This Year You Will Travel (More) – Not Just Say You Will

Don’t just say you going to travel this year!

It’s another year gone and you’re still preaching the same bull about how you’re going to go traveling this year. Don’t worry I did the same for so many years. I was put off by work, money and just life! I did it now it’s your turn. This new year is different, NO TODAY is different. This article is about how you can use today to change your life, not another new year plan! This year you will travel.

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F**k off the plan!

How is that plan working for you right now? Saving well? Found Time to travel? Booked your flights? no, no, no? Well, that because plans are not always the answer!

Plans say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. I say do It today! Sometimes plans work for people, But I am guessing you suck at sticking to anything. You’re flaky at getting your dreams because your too strict to please everyone else.

Get your man/lady balls and just do one step today that you would normally think is stupid! Sort out your visa or book that flight! or Too p***y to just do it. Here is how to really good plan to save money but you are not going to like it. Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel  

The benefits of not planning

When you travel, planning gets harder and harder to do. Then you realize planning is just pointless, your plans f**k you (not in a nice way). The art of doing it tomorrow is one way of getting nothing done. When you just do it. The overthinking, the over planning and that fact you have tomorrow, doesn’t slow you down. You put yourself under pressure!

Were you the person that did their homework at the last possible minute? Then it’s fact you work best under pressure (probably wasn’t the best homework, but you got it done 4 times quicker than the guys that did it at home) Booking your flight is the same kick up the arse and deadline as the last minute homework.

Stop giving a s**t  about friends, family and good jobs

Ok, this one sounds very harsh but when you think about it, it’s not really! How many times have you been out for drinks, New year eve, birthdays weddings…etc Because you didn’t want to let down friends or family?

These are the same people that are putting doubts in your head about traveling, “If you run out of money we’re here for you” or “If it doesn’t work out you always have a job here”.

Both of these might seem like nice things but they are killing your dream, Killing you with kindness!

Stop celebrating with friends

The idea of not going out with friends and family for celebrations sounds like a dick move! But this is the best thing you can do for yourself. spending less money on alcohol is the best way to save money easily. You can still say happy birthday, congratulations or see in the new year without the alcohol. Just don’t plan to go out for your birthday as others will think you’re taking the p**s.

Also when you traveling you’re not going to be there… So start how you mean to go on.

Stop listening to friends, family, and jobs

All people thinking they are supporting you if you fail are actually putting doubts in your head. Travel is something that scares a lot of people because they believe they can’t do it!

You need to stop listing to these “helpful friends” and start listening to people that have been traveling. Read more blogs like mine ( or more of my blogs) and read traveling books Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel is a great book available on Amazon for anyone worried about taking the plunge of travel. Or Backpacks To Beer Taps: Failure, Success, and Goals Our story on how we left our workplaces in England and made traveling Australia work for us.

Use to today there might not be tomorrow!

Still, haven’t sorted out your flights! then this next article might help! How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World; Before You Die It’s not the nicest way of making grow a pair but… It’s for your own good!

Still scared?

Then the complete guide on a working holiday visa in Australia might help you feel more confident to travel. (if your planning to travel to Australia) If not I wish you all the in the future of travel!

Thanks for reading and

Don’t forget to smash it!

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