Christmas EVE in A PUb

The Best Day Of The Year To Go The Pub In England – Christmas Eve

Why is Christmas Eve the best night of the year to go out in England?

Well apart from the fact the next day is Christmas day, there are many reasons why this is the Christmas Eve to go to the local pub for a beer! Strangely enough, it beats over days such as New Year’s Eve and St Patrick Day.  If you’re not sure if you should go out on Christmas eve… Go out for one!

Christmas eve night is celebrated different all over the world, for example, Germany uses this night as the day they give presents, But the English use it as a day to get and give beer! It the only night of the year you can go down the pub in England and it doesn’t matter who you talk talking to, They don’t think it is weird and they won’t be cold with you. They will be open, Happy and let you join in with there group. (This rarely happens other times of the year).

Let me explain why Christmas Eve is the best night to go out in England


The pubs are packed

That statement might sound like hell! As normally with packed pubs comes aggoratived people trying to get served, If you bump into someone they are likely to bite your head off. That’s not the spirit of Christmas through, Nearly everyone in the pub is there for a social drink with friends before spending the day with family.

The pub might be pack but there seems to be a sense of unity between everyone, I reckon if you were brave enough you probably could get the whole pub to sing a Christmas song.

Another great thing about the pub being busy is the fact, its full of people that are staying locally over Christmas. This normally means seeing people you haven’t seen in ages like friends from out of town who are visiting family or the guy you met like Christmas eve down the pub

Even if your a Traveller from out of town (or the country), People are friendly and a lot more likely to let you join in with them, this is a great time to meet new people and learn that the English is not always cold.

People are not planning on getting smashed

I think this might be one of the best reasons that make Christmas Eve the best night to go out for a drink. Normally the english love to get drunk act stupid and just be knobheads (I’m allowed to say this I’m English). But with the fact, people are not planning to get drunk (due to the fact they have somewhere to be tomorrow) people are less likely to act stupid. Of course, some drink a little too much, but they are Merry.

There is no pressure to stay out longer than just one drink

Unlike other nights of the years, your friends love to give you a bit of peer pressure, to stay out longer or have another drink. Christmas eve everyone understands people are busy and have things to do, so going out for just one drink is massively accepted by friends.

No Hype

New Years Eve should hold the best night out the award, But it has too much hype and its sold itself out. With Christmas, they don’t charge you to get into a pub, unlike new years so you can pub hope to see all your friends over the town!

There is no hype and expectations for Christmas eve, all you plan to do on Xmas eve is have a drink with a couple of friends to wish them a merry christmas. You get some much more than that making it so much better than planned, unlike New Years, when you plan all this amazing stuff then it costs too many people are smashed around you and it becomes a mess!

People have things to talk about

Many times you get to the pub and conversations can be extremely slow.

“How’s work?, What’s your plans for the weekend? Any luck in finding a new job?”

“Shit, nothing much, no”

But when you’re at the pub on Christmas Eve everyone by the already have things planned like what they are doing over Christmas and their other days off. Some brag about the fact has more days off than the others. But there are very Christmassy theme conversations going on.

You can talk to strangers and meet new people. Unlike every over time of the year you don’t have think of a common point of interest, you talk about plans over Christmas.

The best thing about Christmas is the build up and these little conversations with friends and strangers are a great build up!

People are giving.

The words “who round is it this time” don’t come up. People are not petty on who brought more on this day. Someone will just say i’ll get the next one after another friend just turns up with a round of drinks!

Christmas I have done shots with strangers and brought beers while having chats. People are happy to welcome friends of friends in to groups with a beer or two. By the end of the night, these friends are your friends too!

It’s nice to walk home with your friends wishing them a Merry Christmas

One of my Favorite things is kicking out time. (Yes it’s Strange). This is because when everyone is leaving the pub after having a few drinks people are jolly and heading home to there familys. But most of the time kick out time is midnight for christmas meaning everyone leaving the pub is wishing everyone a merry christmas.

When I say everyone, I mean Everyone people you walk pass to your new friends that you never met before the night started.

You head home ready to wake up for your actual Christmas… But last night felt like the real thing!

Thanks for reading this and have a Merry Christmas

(unless you are reading this in July… Strange person!)

If you haven’t experienced a Christmas Eve down the pub in England yet make sure you put it on your bucket list, it’s not going to change your life but it might just make your Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Again,

Don’t forget to Smash it!

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