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Taylor’s thoughts on writing travel blogs once a week

Writing Travel Blogs

This Is my Thoughts to Writing Travel Blogs!

Taylor Mackee

So as the title may suggest to the majority of the population with the ability to read, Sean has requested that I start writing blogs about backpacking once a week.
Something about me lacking motivation and being lazy…surely if he’s making me do the blogs it’s him who is lazy….
Anyway, I digress.

Looks like you’ll be getting mostly sarcastic updates from yours truly on a weekly basis. I know you’re excited but please keep chill about this-I don’t want anyone moaning to Sean that their fave blog hasn’t been posted on time. Hes a busy boy. Did I mention he’s passing off tasks to me now? 🤷‍♀️
Laters 🤘

More of Taylor’s Thought’s below

There is a lot to pick from so take your time and read them all!


Taylor’s thoughts on why we Became Backpackers

Sean’s mad idea on going to Australia

why did we go to australia


Taylor’s thoughts on Sean becoming a YouTuber

Sean being a W***er

Sean is a youtuber?

Taylors thoughts on Me and her working in a Titty Bar

Sean working with topless models

working with topless models

Taylors thoughts on The YouTube Series Beer Taps to Road Maps

Sean Filming the Roadtrip

Beer Taps to Road Maps

Taylor’s Thoughts On Ice Cream in Australia

Yummy Ice-cream

Australian Ice cream

Taylor’s Thoughts on where we want to travel to next

This will shock you

where to travel next

Taylor’s thoughts on Australian Chocolate

YESSS Chocolate!

Australian chocolate

Taylors Thoughts on Skyelets Royal Jewels Body piercing

More piercings for me

Skyelets Royal Jewels Body Piercing

Taylor’s Thoughts on Sean making Parodies

Even I have seen too much of his body!

Travel Pardoies

Taylors Thoughts on working 5 Jobs with Sean

live, Work and breathe Sean

Working and travelling together

Taylor’s thoughts on The Vegan Challenge

Was this just a Challenge?

Vegan Challenge

Taylor’s thoughts on Wollongong

It was my home for 6 months…

Wollongong whats there todo

Taylor’s thoughts on Hostels

Too posh too share?

hostels what are they like

Taylor’s thoughts on the house in Gingin

The house from Hell


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  1. If you want Taylor to write about something… She would be extremely happy to talk about it!

    This was a joke, she would hate you… But I would love to give her more blogs to write

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