getting fatter and travel

Getting fat(er), Workout And Travel – Why These Are Linked

My unhealthy travel diet

Just a disclaimer, I am Hungry while writing this! Workout and travel is the last thing I’m thinking about… But here is a blog about that!

How it starts is when you tell yourself you’re on ‘Holiday’. Being a traveler Its hard to work out when you’re on holiday and when you are working. But when It comes down to eating that ice cream or not … “It’s o.k I’m on holiday”

A Year and a half later…

Funny backpacking photo

(second disclaimer: It’s not a real before and after picture)

You Get man titties.

This is how I workout and travel

Why gaining weight when traveling happens

So apart from rewarding yourself, because you’re on holiday. These 3 factors play a massive part.


Ok, you might see the world at your leisure but you are balancing this around working and maybe blogging and researching where to go next. Time isn’t on your side when it comes to traveling there is always something you need to do or see, your next meal is fitted into your day.

Sometimes you don’t have any means for getting your next meal or it’s just late and cooking hostels can suck, So let’s look at your options

  • 7-11
  • uber eats
  • walking down to the shop, walking back then cooking (probably get a snack for the way home)
  • Deliveroo
  • MacDonalds
  • KFC
  • subway
  • I could carry on!


Money is your enemy when it comes to traveling and it doesn’t help with your diet!

Without money, Noodles are your only hope or the free food fridge in hostels. Beggars can’t be fitties.

See and taste the world

Your traveling so you want to take advantage of all the new foods around you, learn how a different country cooks your favorite meals and so one. For example Is Australian chocolate better than English

Is it possible to get fit?

I guess. But you’re asking the wrong fatty

local gyms

There are plenty of 24-7 gyms around the world with multiple gym memberships.

Or you can get day pass in most gyms

Packing gym stuff

This is an option for a lot of travelers due to the fact how small and how many different workouts you can do. Don’t me what to do but this blog gives you 33 workouts

Free training

running, push-ups and sit-ups and what not!

As you see I don’t know a lot about keeping fit and traveling… But when I do… Be ready for some decent blogs.

Thanks for reading

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