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Taylor’s thoughts on Wollongong


Clearly, the title states Wollongong…I’ll be talking about the wider area though.

Wollongong lookout

lookout over wollongong

Why we were in Wollongong

So you could say this blog is for anyone who doesn’t keep up with Sean and me what so ever! Soon after Sean and I got to Sydney, we found ourselves in Cringila quite quickly. We had landed work at the pub there and soon explored the surrounding areas. Wollongong is approximately 20 minutes down the road from Cringila and we frequently saw most of the pokies players in town on dole day!

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Best bits of Wollongong

Of course, this all comes down to personal preference but we really liked a cafe (soprano’s on the mall) we found in Wollongong that did the best Mochas around!  The mall there is enormous and pretty much has everything you need. Sean and I also found a great tattoo place there that we highly recommend called ‘Fresh Ink Tattoo”.

Other places to go in the area

So other than the pub at Cringila which is home to people who want to see boobs each week or gamble away every penny, there isn’t much else about unless you pay Warrawong a visit. This is a much quieter place to go to and they also have quite a generously sized mall. The main feature of Warrawong though is the HOYTS cinema! We went down there often once we bought the car and it is a great venue. Usually very quiet and each screen is full of reclining leather seats.

Another place I visited a lot was Sanity for Hair and Beauty to get my eyebrows and nails done so if that is something you are in too, you should definitely book in and see the ladies down there!

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