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Winter World

It was our 1st date night in MONTHS!

We decided to check out the local Winter World and see what all the hype was about, before heading down there we grabbed the Skate and Date package online. This package Includes skate hire, an hour skating and free drink.

On Arrival we thought it was a lot smaller than we was expecting but this was mainly due  to fact it was dark and there was more things hiding behind the ice skating ring!

All the staff at was extremely nice and friendly, This included all the contacted staff from venues all over freo.(special thanks to the National hotel, fire pits and Garden features and Azzura Glati.


The skating was amazing together we was terrible at it but I would like to say we slowly improved as the hour went on. I only fell over twice which is a record for me and didn’t end up in A and E like my 20th birthday when I went roller skating. So I think that was a Result.


We warmed our self up after skating with a nice hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows. The night was extremely enjoyable, just wished we had a bit long on the ice.


Check out this video for more information on our night at Winter World Fremantle

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