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Taylor’s Thoughts On Why We Became Backpackers

Why We Became Backpackers

The seeds of our backpacking adventure were actually sown back in 2015. When Sean came out here with his family in order to visit his Grandparents. We had been dating for three months when he disappeared down under for four weeks!

Halfway through he messaged me saying that Aus was amazing and that he wanted to go back with me next time and do a working holiday. Not thinking much of it at the time, I just agreed with him!

Fast forward to 2016.

I was working 60+ hours a week for terrible pay and even worse treatment in an eventing yard as a live in groom, and Sean who had moved in there with me was working as a dental technician in two different locations.

As the year drew on we were both getting more and more fed up and knew we needed a big change. So, we planned our working holiday for November 2017 and set about applying for our passports and other necessary bits. Over time my situation at work was getting worse and worse. Eventually we decided enough was enough and we were just going to bring the trip forward to April 2017.

I was supposed to work until the end of March but following being put in a dangerous situation that could have been easily avoided by irresponsible employers, and the actions displayed thereafter, I set about moving my horse off the yard asap and getting rid of as many belongings as possible, and having worked plenty of notice anyway Sean and I headed off to Essex in the middle of the night at the end of February.

We headed off

It was an amazing feeling to be able to go, and Sean and I knew that our year away was really going to make a difference. We didn’t know in what way exactly at the time, but we do know now that if we can help it we won’t work for anyone else in the UK again.

Want to know what happened next?

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