what travel teaches you about money

Travel Teaches You About Money – Why Travel Is Important

Why travel is important for learning about money?

The question of why travel is important for learning about money is a massive question, which we will go in depth about in this article. I will be talking about all the money problems that travel brings and how you learn to get around them. The lessons about money you learn from travel, you will have for a lifetime. Travel is like reading a million books, the things you learn are priceless. This Article is packed with what I have learned about money from travel but your experience will be different, Depending on your money story.

My money story before travel

This story isn’t a happy one or an original one there are many people with the same story as me. My money situation was built up upon lies to myself. “I will save more next month” then next month you spend more! I have written an Article about this and how to overcome these problems before you travel. This would be the first lesson you have to know before you travel… How to save up for that trip.

You don't need money to travel

The lessons you learn while traveling

Money comes and goes

When Traveling, especially on a working holiday visa this lesson is one of the first things you learn. An example of this is when you have saved over a year for your trip and within a month, All the money is gone! Spent on hostels, nights out, flights, traveling and just learning where is cheap to eat or drink. Falling in to tourist traps really eats your money. You probably don’t realize your money was dropping until it’s gone!

You might suffer from no money for days, weeks months but the next thing you know you’re treating yourself again due to your job! Getting paid more than ever have before.

6 months is up and it starts again. No money, Then Money, No money… This continues and if its not a working holiday it might be travel, go home for money, travel again. But you might find this annoying at the start but with all the other lessons below you start to make the times without money shorter and the times with it longer.

Money doesn’t mean happiness

You learn this one very quickly… your best times in travel, You spend very little. It might be the night out on goon or just heading for a day out on the beach.

The best experiences in life are free!

What to do when you’re broke and how to cut costs, how to have no bills

During your down periods where you have no money, you get 2 choices! Go home or go hard(er). Going home is kinda of the drop out excuse. But when stay around, you need to learn how to live on nothing! This is cutting all bills, learning how to live on nothing.

  • Learn to live on basic food- noodles or whatever is in the free food area of hostels or free food nights
  • What you can do with your day for free – walks to beaches, parks and just relaxing
  • Free Rent – Working at a hostel for 2 hours a day
  • You learn how to invest your last pennies into something worthy – maybe like CV’s printing
  • You learn to cancel unnecessary things like Netflix, Amazon prime that you so reason still pay for and That phone contract that 24-month contract expired

And once you have done all this. It definitely makes you think about getting another phone contract once you have money again.

How much you can do for money

You start looking for new ways to make money, there are many different ways you learn you can make money when you’re under pressure. I don’t recommend all of these!

How you don’t need to rely on money

With all the ways you learn how to cut your expenses, The money you earn lasts a lot longer and you’re not scared not have any money. This really helps you due to the fact you can make better decisions to earn more. You can hold on and wait for that job you want!


More money doesn’t mean more money

When you get back home after traveling you don’t need a large paycheck to save more money.

Unlike your friend working in the big city, you can save money more working in a local coffee shop. If you want to know the science behind this make sure you read this blog.

Thanks for reading

If you have any more lessons you have learned about travel, please leave a comment and I might it too the blog, giving you credit!

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