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Where we want to travel next!

Despite coming halfway across the world to Australia and having had some amazing experiences out here, I can’t really say that I’ve caught the “travel bug” like what tends to happen to most backpackers I’ve met out here so far.

I very much enjoy my home comforts and of course I prefer to see my dog and my horse every day, rather than be away in a different country every few months like “proper” backpackers absolutely love doing.

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Rather holidays than travelling

That being said, there are a couple of specific places I’d love to travel to once Sean and I are finished in Australia, though I think they’ll definitely be visited on a holiday basis!

First one has to be Thailand! We have met so many people who highly rate it and tell us what an amazing place it is to go to. I would love to go to one of the genuine elephant sanctuaries over there and promote a bit of what they do. There are many places where you can ride the elephants which is incredibly cruel, and equally there are “sanctuaries” that are not what they seem to be. However, just to go and see the country as well would be an amazing experience. There is a particular island near to Thailand that has a few 5* resorts on, and even spending a week there would be really cool!

Another place I’d like to go to next has to be New Zealand. I have seen so many photographs of the country and it looks so beautiful. Ideally, we would travel all over but that would take some time if just going for a holiday. Still, it would be an excuse to go back more than once!

Sean would love to go all over the UK when we get home and then Europe. Even though he did a lot of holidays as a child he would probably have a broader experience this time around, as he would be documenting it like he does here in Australia and of course, he is a lot older this time!

The last place that would be on my “dream locations” list has got to be a 5* resort in Fiji! It looks absolutely stunning from the photographs but then the price certainly reflects that..

What country is on your bucket list?

Let us know!

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