How to travel the world for free

Want to travel the world? Is Free Travel Possible?

Can you get free travel?

(no money) of course!

Is it possible to see the whole world for nothing?

no ( It’s going to cost you time and effort… You might as well just earn the money)


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Only joking.

Lets go in to the details


Whats the Truth?

Travel the world for free, that’s a lot of people’s dream. To be free work, free to go where ever and free to do whatever. But it’s impossible!

Lets go in to the reason why its impossible to travel the world for nothing. I’ll  talk about why other traveller bloggers  and others want you to believe its possible. How it possible for travel bloggers.

‘Wow Sean you contradicted yourself there.’ – Not quite.


Why people want to sell you this dream!

Easy money, people are lazy … Always look for the easy route. (That’s You, you clicked on this link!)

Read this Free blog on how to become a travel blogger and learn how to travel the world for free. Sounds good doesn’t it? Sounds Simple.

Better than saying read the link above, Then that is a 300 word blog giving you the basics on how to start a blog that no one will read … Don’t worry i have more blogs and videos to help get readers … Next thing you know your working hard at being a travel blogger. Something you didn’t want to do, putting in more work than you do at your job, just to get a free trip.

Why do they do this. There is a market for it, as i said before a lot of people are looking for a quick life fix. Once your invested in it people want to push more stuff on you. That’s where people make there money or putting advertising on the blogs.

This isn’t always the case but… for the main part.

‘But Sean are you not doing the same’- Yes I am

I’m open about it. I let you what your getting your self into. I will give you great free content like How to Find Your Niche For Blogs, Vlogs Or Pictures On Social media 

But i’m hoping people subscribe to this website or view my YouTube video. To be fair the only reason I wrote this blog is to promote a YouTube video… which Is here

oh look it’s on topic… this is just a parody of Free travel advice! check it out!

Why it is impossible to travel the world for nothing!

Free travel, Free money wise yes. But how much time and effort you will have to it is another story!

Top ways to travel the world for ‘free’

  • Working holiday ( spend most of your travel looking for work)
  • Travel Blogger ( spend time and maybe money building a following 1st)
  • Pilot (years of training)
  • win the lottery
  • Have a member of the family die and leave a lot of money
  • Take a out a loan
  • Get a sponsor (need a reason 1st)

None of the methods above are free. They will cost you something!


How can travel blogger travel for free?

Its not, its work.

people don’t see the work that goes into to travel blogging. Its a full time job around your full time job.

But don’t get me wrong it is the most rewarding work ever and building a community is the best feeling!

The best travel bloggers can travel the world for free as they have masted what they love and they do it!

They build up sponsors, advertising,  produce products , affiliate other peoples products, promote business’, Sell they’re knowledge, sell there social media space…

If you are thinking about being a Travel Blogger just remember it extremely hard. But rewarding!

 For you guys that want to start but don’t have the money How to be a Blogger with only the basic 

for you guys already killing it collaborate with me


Thank You for reading

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