The Vegan Challenge

Vegan Travel Challenge

Vegan travel challenge

Its vegan week here at, FSG Travel and I am doing the vegan travel challenge!

So about 2 weeks ago I made a blog about thinking about being vegan and it kicked off, (This is the blog)

My Thoughts on Going Vegan!

I never really thought about being vegan before travelling i actually looked down at vegans, they eat grass… don’t you miss bacon and all the normal meat eater comments. well since travelling Australia and meeting new people all with different ideas about the world and how we show be impacting it, me and Taylor looked into why people are vegan.

The results was full of why animal products are bad for you. What they do to animal for milk, egg etc.  How there is a lot of money in the diary and meat industry so the government are against vegans. So we researched the other-side vegans are unhealthy, lacking in B12 … you need meat to live etc.

So we decided the best way to actually work out what is true and what isn’t is to try it out. When taking part in this Vegan Travel challenge we came up against some struggles with trying to find thing without milk in them.Crazy how much milk is in things. Being in a hostel frozen fake meat was hard to store and to cook but we work out ways. It helped when we found vegan cafes and shops.

It really did open my eyes to the whole debate being a meat lover, would I be able to give up meat for life… But isn’t it selfish not too.

This is my video for the Vegan Travel Challenge. I hope you enjoy it. It not to serious.

 Thanks for reading

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