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Best Place To Write, Study Or Relax in Essex – Valero Lounge

Valero Lounge –  Write, Study or Relax

How hard can it be to find the perfect place to relax, write study or even just hear yourself think. I’ve been there, many times when living in hostels, share houses and even when living at home after traveling. Luckily for you, While you are in Essex you don’t need to worry about this problem again. I have found the perfect place to create, And its a mix of your own house, a pub, and a library. This place is called the Valero Lounge.


Basic Details 

Address: 57 Newland Street, Witham, CM8 2BE

(Middle of Witham Town)

Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday 9 am – 11 pm, Thursday – Saturday 9 am – midnight

(These hours are brilliant for backpackers and travelers due to the fact when travel time can just become a concept followed by everyone else.  If you are on a study visa or just studying in Essex then any of the Lounges can be the perfect location.)


(Get a great beer like Estrella Damm or Pink gin to help you unwind or grab a coffee to help you study harder)

Free Wifi

(Do I need to say anymore?)

Plugs Sockets Available

(This is a life saver or so many levels)


Why the Valero should be your place to create

 Other than the place having Wifi, plugs and all the other stuff listed above. The Valero Lounge is a super relaxed and friendly environment (Which the staff help to create for you).

The place looks nothing like the HSBC bank that it used to be, but it does make you feel safe. The style of the Bar/ Cafe is “Like being in your own Lounge“. They do this with retro style decor, to be fair it looks more like my nan’s house but its a good try.

It, not a place that makes you want to sit, eat and get out. The place makes you want to have multiple drinks/food but there isn’t a someone waiting for you to order, as it’s an “order at the bar place” so you are not rushed out the door feeling under pressure that someone is waiting for your table. Talking of tables there is a lot of room and you don’t look out of place with a laptop.


Why this might not be the place for you

Dog-friendly, This can be negative and or a positive. For example, if you want to write or study and write then having a dog barking can be the worse thing ever. But if you are traveling and have a dog at home, everyone knows just seeing others dogs can make you feel 1000% better.

quiet during the day, not the best place to create during busy nights

Competition in the area is very limited due to the fact they are busy coffee shop ie costa or busy pubs like the white hart or whether spoons. This means the place could get very busy, Very quickly and it’s not helped by the fact there aren’t too many tables.

My Personal opinion.

I really enjoyed my time in the Valero lounge and to show you that you can create in there, I wrote this whole article while sitting in there. I would give the place a 4 out of 5 stars which is pretty high for my standards.

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