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Adult USA Puns

Puns for the different States of America

Here are the best puns for America (USA) on the internet. BUT there is a warning as some (most) of these puns are adult. So please don’t read ahead if you have no sense of humor or don’t like dirty jokes. I am trying not to offend anyone it can hard these days so… here are the American puns.

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But this article isn’t all about me, let me start the puns (more about me at the end)

USA Adult Puns

Alabama puns

  • That girl is a state, but Al- Will-bam-her
  • In Alabama, they love the fact there Buskers-r-loosa. They last longer.
  • My football skills really struggle, But I can my Gulf coasts

Alaska puns

  • What’s the worse thing about walking around America, A-lost-kar
  • I forgot to put down my Anchorage but its Fairbanks
  • Whale, Have you seen the Northen lights yet? You wouldn’t be able to bear it

Arizona puns

  • Have you seen that girls Arizona’s? Makes her nipples look tiny.
  • Let me see your Grand Canyon

Arkansas puns

  • U,S and A is shit with tools but R can Saw
  • Last time I go skinny dipping in Arkansas everyone laughs at my Little Rock

California puns

  • Not sure if Hollywood suck, but I can ask kali-for-ya

Colorado puns

  • I am enDenverouring to think of a Colorado Pun

Connecticut puns

  • Don’t think I have the Hart-ford or the Con-Etiquette not to make a rude pun

Delaware puns

  • Delaware anything but I wish he would cover up his balls.

Florida puns

  • Tellahussee that I willing to pay
  • Flo-rida is great to have in jail with you, he has the Keys
  • Always go down South on Beaches
  • Not sure if Micky mouse lives in the sea Or-land-do

Georgia puns

  • Georgia is looking a bit of a state

Hawaii puns

  • As soon as I arrive in America bitches be Dm-ing my Hawaii

Idaho puns

  • Idaho? , No you da ho

 Illinois puns

  • The Simpsons are sick, Yeah there pretty Ill-i-no

Indiana puns

  • If you’re at a crossroads when traveling America I know a place that’s a little Indie

Lowa puns

  • Make sure you always explore Iowa

Kansas puns

  • Kans-or-ass?

Kentucky puns

  • Frankfort sausages or Kentucky for dinner?

Louisiana puns

  • Louis-and-ana still love a bit of Baton even when its all Rouge

Maine puns

  • Augusta or Portland? Which one should be the Maine, one to visit

Maryland puns

  • Where did Mary-land? You shouldn’t have pushed her off that cliff

Massachusetts puns

  •  Going to put on a show in Boston, Going to let the Mass-achose-seats

Michigan puns

  • I Really wish I didn’t push him that lake now, Never going to see Michigan

Minnesota puns

  • With all this water, in a Min-il-soka

Mississippi puns

  • In which state does the Mississippi river flow?

Missouri puns

  • Threesomes can get confusing Jefferson City. Time to suck it, Miss-or-i?

Montana puns

  • Don’t expect a cheap night with Helena, she is always Billings you

Nebraska puns

  • Don’t buy underwear in Omaha, you always end up with a New-bra-skar

Nevada puns

  • What happens in Vagueness says in Vagueness

New Hampshire puns

  • Love to take a Concord to Mansterchester

New Jersey puns

  • Who likes my New Jersey?

New Mexico puns

  • Girls in New Mexico have a Santa Fe-atish and Al-be-quirky to do it.

New York Puns

  • Rock-ya-fella in New York City

North Carolina

  • Let’s just say Charlotte doesn’t go North on Carolina

North Dakota

  • Da-kota left hismarck on my car

Ohio puns

  • O,hi-o didn’t see you there.

Oklahoma puns

  • How are you feeling today? Okie

Oregon puns

  • How did you let your beaver get in that state?

Pennsylvania puns

  • I am going to Philly you up

Rhode Island puns

  •  How you going to travel, by Rhode- Around the -Island

South Carolina puns

  • Charleston isn’t too posh to go South on Carolina

South Dakota puns

  • Mount me, Less Rush-more power

Tennessee puns

  • Peep show in Nashville, Tenner-to-see

Texas puns

  • Houston we have a problem, Texas is showing me his lone star-fish

Utah puns

  • Want a taste of my Salt lake?

Vermont puns

  • Want a go on my Green Mountains?

Virginia puns

  • Be gentle, I’m a Virgin-ia
  • Play with my Virginia

Washington puns

  • Seattle with it as long as it includes washing-dongs

West Virginia puns

  • Charleston please be nice, I’m a Virginia

Wisconsin puns

  • Madison’s Badgers a state

Wyoming Puns

  • Wow that was fast, Wyoming now

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