Vote for me UK BLOG Awards 2019

Why You Should Vote For Me For UK Blog Awards 2019

Why You Should Vote For Me For UK Blog Awards 2019

It’s Time for the UK Blog Awards 2019 and this year I am in for the runnings! After making to the second stage of the process, It’s now time to get the votes in (For me)! But the question is: “Why should we vote for you?”

Being a new blogger in a pond full of big names … What can I offer? Lucky for you I have a whole Article on why I am so amazing and your reading it!

Click here to vote (saves you reading why… You are going to vote for me anyway) Look For Sean Brett 

Vote For My BLog #UKBA19

This is the 1st step in becoming the biggest name in travel (blogging)

I Want to be the face of Travel, Weird, I know but there are many reasons why…

Stop Douchey Travel Bloggers

I have stated before that I want to be the biggest name in travel to inspire more people to travel, I want to guide new travel bloggers to stop being so douchey. I hate to see the bloggers being dragged through the mud because quite a few bloggers think it is, right to demand stuff off of business’ just because they write a 200-word article about there experiences, like a review on

I want to prove to the world that helping others is the best way of getting anywhere in life! Having the award of being the Uk Best travel blogger will give me that 1st step.

Blogging and writing brilliant articles can be one simple thing to help others. You can warn them from bad experiences and talk about things people really need to try! With more and more people who think blogging is easy money and you can demand free stuff of business’ is getting more and more worrying. In 5 years time, If nothing is done about these types of influencers, the internet will be full of misleading articles…(yes I know it already is) But we opportunity to change this right now.

Douchey Blogger

Douchey Blogger ( This is actually me)

I want to inspire other to travel ( change their world, then others)

When you travel you find your reason for life, You reason to help others, the environment, Animals…Etc. My Idea is to inspire more to travel, more to find there reason… In the long run, change the world!

I hate to see people just go through the motions of life and think that don’t have a choice to change it. I want to inspire people to stop and think what they want to do with there life and how they want to make an impact on the world.

Stop Sign

Cheesy stop sign

Help me travel the world

So I Have just been accepted to by the Guinness Book Of Records to Attempt to break the record of Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries. I will be attempting this in Nov 2021. But I could really do with any help I can get with this. ( Want to know more about this? Read My Journey.)

Being Getting an Award at Blogger awards will really help me with publicity and people to start taking me seriously… I really don’t know why people don’t take me seriously

Nip Slip

Nip Slip

Have not read my awesome blogs?

No, Why not?

Check out some of my best blogs here (The Ones I think are the best)

Perth pun

The world can be plain and boring let’s have some fun!

Why does everything on the internet need to be the same?

Let’s change some things up, vote for someone who can barely write English.

I love to have fun with everything thing I do, I want to give enjoyment to everyone as well as help.

The bigger I get the stupider I can go, Logically things work like that.

funny travel meme

Make the big bloggers step up their game!

If I can be known as a big blogger, It will put pressure on the Banner, pop up, product pushing big bloggers under pressure to make their blogs more competitive.

This will, in turn, give the internet better quality content. Giving the people more information to travel, In turn inspiring more to travel and changing the world!

PS probably noticed everything leads to changing the world

Falling over on a beach

Me trying to step up my game!

I Don’t own a suit and need a good reason to buy one

If I win, Then I have to buy a suit (or at least rent one) to go to the awards ceremony. I not sure they would like it if I turned up in a parody outfit…

Hmm, Could be fun though.

The deal is … I’ll wear this shirt! If I get in the finals! or even an invitation to the blogging awards.

Party travel Shirt


Thanks for reading! PLEASE VOTE!

I really want to win and I do know that I’m up against some really good competition. They are bloggers that have been around a lot longer than me and I know that 60% of the vote will go down to the judges… I’m still not sure if they will find my blog funny or just in bad taste. With every vote from you guys might help them realize it’s funny!

It’s super easy to vote! All you do is click this link and find Sean Brett and give it a heart! Then share this Article with all your friends and your nan and get them to vote for me. I need your help! Please help!


Vote For My BLog #UKBA19


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