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Turtle Bay Chelmsford – Travel To The Caribbean

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford – Review

Want to bring a different cuisine to your diet? What to spice up your life? And travel to the Caribbean without the long flight? Well, I have the answer to the questions! Turtle Bay is the place for you. This is my review on the Turtle Bay, Chelmsford. Like all my reviews before this, it is not paid and I speak my own opinions which don’t mean you will have the same experience as me.

Basic Details:

Address: 22-24 Exchange Way, Chelmsford CM1 1XB

Type of Business: Caribbean Restaurant /Caribbean Bar

Opening hours: 

Sun-Wed 11:30 AM -23:00 PM

Thurs 11:30 AM – 00:30 PM

Fri & Sat 11:30 Am -01:30 PM

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford

Ok, Might of oversold Turtle Bay With this introduction. You don’t get the beaches or the weather in Turtle Bay, But you get a really good vibe and more importantly some really good cocktails!


Let’s kick off with the food. When visiting the Turtle bay I was with two others (my Brother and Sister). This gave me the ability to try a lot more food, Inturn giving you a better review.

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford., Sharer platter

Seafood and Chicken Share Platter

These platters Included the Calamari, Sweetcorn fitters and Jerk Chicken Wings. My Favorite Things on both of the platters was the Jerk Chicken Wings which had an amazing taste (not too spicy but having a little kick) and the crispy calamari.

The platters are a good size, enough for 3 people as a light main meal. One platter would be good as a starter with multiple numbers of friends. To make these a bigger meal add some sides to the mix.

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford menu

Lot more options and main meals to eat alone for the selfish people


Let’s move on to the drinks! The reason most will visit, A good range of cocktails and choice of rums. When this place opened My friend and myself made the most of the 241 cocktails and the rum boards. The Rum sharing boards are a great thing to try on a night out! Depending on the size Good, Better, Best and Fabulous, You will get a range of rums and mixes to try.

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford

A range of different non-alcoholic and Alcoholic cocktails

More recently when I visited the Turtle Bay In Chelmsford, I opted for a non-alcoholic option. I tried the Ting (now served off the tap) and the Pink Lemonade.

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford

Ting and Pink lemonade

The Ting is a very similar taste to Lilt. That sweet and sour tang. The pink lemonade is very sweet. Both really tasty and would recommend.


So is the Turtle Bay expensive? The way we purchased the food and didn’t have alcoholic drinks made it cheaper. But it’s not McDonald’s prices but it’s not McDonald’s quality.

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford

Bill for 3 people, £38

Overall Opinion

Would I go back to the Turtle Bay? Yes but probably not for the food, but I think it could be a really good night doing the rum boards and 241 cocktails again. I will be planning to do this with my friends soon.  A little plus for travelers is the fact it has free Wifi.

4 out of 5 stars.

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