Travelling Will Change The World – Everyone Should Travel

Travelling Will Change The World!

It’s a bit of a bold statement, but traveling will change the world! Each person, each destination and each story is one step in the right direction. When you travel you get a reason (Reason to live, a Reason to help others and a Reason to Succeed). You learn to embrace other cultures and take the lessons back with you. Most successful people have seen more of the world than ones that have never left their hometowns, there are reasons for this! If you travel, you are more likely to succeed with your dreams!

In this article, I will explain the power of travel and how you can use it to change your life and others!

Ports beach Fremantle

Travel isn’t all about the fantastic beaches, But I love this beach!

Travelling gives you a reason

What is a meant by finding a reason when you travel is Something that people think is missing in there life or the world and don’t know what it is or how to achieve it? 

Your reason to travel is not normally the reason you find when Travelling. Which is strange, For example, You might be traveling for money then you realized that time is more important. This thought may escalate into your reason. Your reason may end up being getting more people to enjoy more of their time, and focus less on the money.

Things you see, hear and think about is normally changes your reason. Don’t think after one little trip you will have your reason for life, but with every trip and the longer you work to towards your reason the more you will find that will guide your path!

Here is a list of different reasons and paths. This list is unlimited and everyone travels may inspire different reasons or completely new reasons.

  • You travel and your animal lover, you may find that you a certain country welfare for animals is terrible and you want to help change it. Or you might find you want to try to discover new animals in the rainforests
  • You travel with family, you might find the perfect country to bring up your children in. Or might find the fact teaching your children different cultures is the best education you can give them and you world school them.
  • You travel because you hate your country. You might find new found love for your country or want to move to the country your traveling too.
  • You travel because you have a couple of months free. You might find that you travel for the rest of your life.

Travel gives you a purpose for life 

Learning and embracing other cultures

When you travel you will learn how other people, country and cultures do different tasks from simple stuff like shopping to more different thoughts on religions and spiritual ideas.

When you see these things like this you may take part in them, Even embrace them into your own lives. Doing this can build and enhances personality or style or uniqueness.

Still enjoying each countries originality

You may learn and experiences new things from each place, But you learn to love each country for it originality and you even find a new love for your home countries.

You quickly realize that you don’t want everyone country to be the same. The best way of stopping this is not pushing your ideas on everyone… But more learning everyone’s ideas!

Travel helps you learn to accept others and learn from them

Successful people that found success after travel

You are more likely to be successful once you have seen more of the world!

This theory might be a little just pulled out of thin air but if you really think about it. Try and name someone one is successful and hasn’t left their home country? This would be a lot harder than naming famous and successful people that have seen more of the world than there hometown!

Here is Article of Famous people that found success after travel if you don’t believe me.

Why are you more likely to find success after travel?

There are many reasons why this is possible other than the fact the trying to being successful and not leaving your house would be very difficult but not impossible.

But here are some of the things that travel teaches you to be successful;

  • Learn about money ( Travel teaches a lot about money, that the safety of home can’t)
  • Learn new struggles in life ( Learn how to overcome challenges)
  • Experience new things (Learn about things that you know nothing about)
  • Become independent ( You can’t be supported by your government, family or friends)
  • Learn to plan ( you learn to plan last minute and when it’s best to go with your gut)
  • Learn how to help others (This the key to success)

How I am using traveling to change the world

I have some massive plans to inspire more people to travel! Like My Story of Becoming the Fastest person to Travel to every country in the world. Just to inspire more people to travel. You might be thinking that with all the great things I could use my voice for (World hunger, poverty, animals rights, human rights…I can keep going) travel would be pretty low on the things I should promote!

The million inspired to travel plan

If I can promote travel to 1 million people, and then 1 million people travel and find there reason boom we have 1 million people that are inspired to help the world become a better place. Even if myself I don’t work on efforts for world hunger, someone out of that million that I personally inspired will.

The more people I can inspire to find there reason, the more people will bring back a better understanding of the world. This might seem like a small step, but I plan to do this on a grand scale and plan to be the biggest name in travel for this reason. I want people to see what travel has done for me and want that for themselves.

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