To give up on your travels or not

How To Keep Travelling When You Have Nothing Left

How to travel when you have nothing left

How to keep traveling when you have no money, no energy and just want to go home! This is article is going to help you decide whether it’s best to keep going on a throw in the towel. We will weight up all your options (if you have any) and give you a game plan to get you back on your feet!

Personally know how hard travel can be at times, But due to these struggles, this whole website was built. I want to share my advice on how to turned travel failure into success.

with travel, the struggles are realSean Brett 2018

Sorry With the Title How to travel when you have nothing left, Ian Beale has to get an honorable mention.

How much money is no money?

No money to different people is different. No money to someone who is scared of money might be just enough to get through the month. Where to person who doesn’t care about money, it might be maxed out on credit cards and loans.

Having no money when traveling is a common thing. So is the fact of wanting to go home after having no or little money. Before throwing in the towel and get a flight home, You need to work out what no money really is!

No money = Having no way of making money and having no money available. 

(Even if this was true I’ve heard a story of people living on nothing)

Weigh up your options

How are you traveling? How can you make money? Is there any money Available to you?

Working holiday = You should be able to find a way of making money. You might have to think outside of the box but during these struggles, you will learn and discover so many new ways of making money. Just remember, Money is trading your time. Traveling you have a lot of it!

Just Travelling = This might be a harder task. But if you are going to get a flight home, why not trade that flight to a Working Holiday visa country and make some money there, keep traveling and get money… win-win.

The benefits of having no money

The funny thing money is the fact money isn’t real! And there is always more of it. When you first start traveling you might think that money is hard to come by and a real struggle for it, When you realize what money is (which is time saved up to trade with others for there saved up time) you learn how you can skip the whole getting money and live more for free. There are lots of other lessons travel teaches you about money and you see them in my Article here Travel Teaches You About Money – Why Travel Is Important

Travel Money

No energy left with the whole traveling

Sometimes you get that thought “Wouldn’t it be easier just to go home?“. To answer that question yes in the short term it would, in the long term you are just running away from your problem whatever it is. I have had this thought about a million times, every time I have stuck it out I have achieved (or learned) something that I never would if I ran away from this problem.

I understand sometimes travel gets boring (Shocking I Know) but getting bored while traveling can get thinking differently. I have written a 10 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Travelling list to help you through this exact problem.

Sometimes you feel you’re just done with the whole traveling thing. You want to go back home.

How to build more motivation

Remember your reason why you came out traveling! Everyone has one. If you are feeling like shit. You probably are saying shit like “why did I even come out here?” and you probably have lost your whole focus.

To build your motivation back up ” Tell yourself to stop being a bitch“(gender neutral term of the word bitch, don’t want people calling me sexist!) You have friends at home that would love to have the balls to do what you are doing! Focus on your goal (which obviously you’re not doing). Work that little bit harder. Get out the hostel (house). Try something new. Think outside the box.

If this all fails to look at motivational travel posts 

What really is the problem?

The problem is simply, You think home (where you left, In the search for something) is better than your current situation. 

Your having a grass ain’t a greener moment. That’s great you do need them about travel otherwise it wouldn’t be travel it would be looking an emigrating. Traveling you will find a new love for your home country.

But what you will really find is you left to find greener grass and its actually purple. You freak out and want to go home as you wanted green grass. You need to learn how to deal with your new findings. Try the purple grass and learn how to eat it, It might just be that little bit sweeter in the end?

In other words, you can’t plan travel it is hard you will trip up a lot. Just keep focus and you will find what you are looking for.


When to say enough is enough with traveling?

With all this motivation to stay sometimes enough is enough!

My story

2018 was my year that I nearly called it on the whole traveling front. The six months of the year was extremely hard, the worse thing was the fact I thought I was already experienced with the whole Australian travel seen, but I was on a travel peek before the next massive dips. I and Taylor went from one bad job to another, car problems to money problems to more problems.  As each problem, we would motivate ourselves that the next thing we did would be better and it worse actually worse. I was borrowing money from family, working in hostels for free rent, $20 last 13 days for food for two of us.

But the reason I never quit, was the fact I felt I was close to finding my reason for travel. Which was to find another way of earning money rather than working as a dental technician. Sticking with it through the struggles meant I was able to learn ways that I never could without them. I ended up paying back most of the debts and saving for more traveling in the last half of 2018.

When to give up and go home checklist (once all cross off go home)

  • When home will actually be better than your current situation
  • You haven’t gotten anywhere with your reason in the last month
  • You have something to go home for
  • When you have tried over 20 different ways to get over your problem  (write them all down before you cross it off)
  • You have a game plan for home (not a day to day schedule, But an idea on how you will make money, living and food)
  • When you can tell yourself you wouldn’t regret picking up on your travels
  • When you can tell yourself going travel was still a good idea (this one is important, write down all the great things about your travels before giving up. If you can’t do this, it because you want to give up over anger)

Maybe just have a break at home

Sometimes going home for a break can be a good idea especially if you have been traveling a long time and you starting to lose focus on why you enjoy traveling.

A holiday home can sometimes just be the answer that you need!

How go traveling again after *failing?

After giving up and going home, Travelling again can be the last thing you want to do any again. But it can be the answer “get back on the horse” you had a reason to go in the 1st place, try again. See if you can find it doing something different.

How to plan to travel again after traveling

  • Remember all the good things
  • Have your new reason
  • Work out why you failed
  • Book your flight!
Thanks for reading

If you’re currently traveling around Australia and struggling I have made a massive article (I call it the bible of the Australian working holiday visa) check it out it has some great advice for those that are struggling Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

Don’t forget to smash it!


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