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Travel Hacks and Tips

I am not going lie to you I am not the best at giving travel hacks and tips, due to the fact I don’t sugar coat shit and don’t lie to you saying how easy everything in travel is. Travel is the hardest thing you will do in your life. due to the fact you are always struggling to more. No time or money is your main troubles! I will do my best to give things I have learned, But the best thing about travel is learning how to solve these problems yourself.

Some of the blogs below and warning about things, So you can prepare yourself. This helps give you a heads up rather than jumping straight into the deep end.

My travel tips blogs

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General tips

How To Deal With Losing Your Independence After Traveling

Stressful and annoying times are ahead after traveling!


What To Do For Christmas When You Travel – Missing Home

Christmas and Traveling can be extremely hard!

Christmas when travelling

How to Keep When A Relationship When Travelling- Keep The Romance

Travel and Relationships don’t mix…Or does it?

Travel and Relationships

How Have Sex In A Hostel – Where Are The Best Places

Sex it’s only natural…Lets me be your sex guru

Where to have sex in a host

How to cook in a hostel: Stress-free

Want to know how to cook in the hostel without losing your rag! (And finding towel towels) read this

Stress free cooking at a hostel

Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

Not sure what to expect for a hostel check out this!

A-Z on Hostels

How To Keep Travelling When You Have Nothing Left

Many people get to a stage of travel where they have to make the choice to keep going or giving up, let me help you choose.

To give up on your travels or not

How To Use Travel To Get You A Job Back Home

Worried about your future if you decide to go traveling? Don’t worry anymore, I’ve got you, bro.

Scared to go home after travelling?

How To Travel When You Can’t Travel

Struggling to get traveling, or want to but stuck working or something else, this article is for you.

Bored and You want to travel but you can't travel?

10 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Travelling

How to stop yourself being bored when you travel!

Bored and Travelling

Best Travel YouTube Accounts To Be Subscribed Too In 2019

Which travel vlogger should you sub to in 2019?

Best travel youtube accounts

Best Songs For A Road Trip Playlist 2019

want some banging tunes?

Road trip song 2019

Which Bunk Is Better? How To Get The Best Bunk In A Hostel

Which is better the top or the bottom bunk?

Top Vs Bottom Bunk

Travel Teaches You About Money – Why Travel Is Important

Why Everyone should travel as it is the best teacher for money

How travel teaches about money

How To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel

Learn how to travel, without the bull

How to save money to travel

Want to travel the world? Is Free Travel Possible?

Is the dream possible and if so how do you achieve it?

How to travel the world for free

10 Travel Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know

Thinking about traveling? Read this 1st!

10 travel hacks that you need to know

The Struggles Of Hostels

Want to Know what your getting yourself into, Read this before your 1st hostel room

Struggles of Hostels

Australia tips

Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

The complete guide for your working holiday visa! *Massive Article


Sorting Out Money On Your WHV In Australia ( TFN, Banks, and Transfers)

Get your money sorted while you’re in Australia with this simple guide.


Should You Fly In To Sydney Or Perth? The Changes In Your Experience

Not sure where you should head to in Australia, Let this blog help you choose

Should You Fly In To Sydney or Perth

How to get a Bar Job in Oz

How to get a bar job ( one of the easiest, Well paying  jobs to get for backpackers)

How to get a job in bar in australia

Nightlife In Fremantle – How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

Want a good night out in Australia? Fremantle is the place to go!

The perfect Night in Fremantle

What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement

We talk Australian Farm work and If its even worth doing!

88 Days farm work what is it like

10 Tips you wish you known before traveling to Australia!

Going Travelling to Australia? Read this 1st

10 Tips you wish you known before travelling Australia!

Struggles of Finding A Job In Australia

Want to know what is hard about jobs in Australia?

Struggles of jobs in Australia

The Problems With Australian Cars

Road trips sounds fun! But what about the cars

Struggles of cars in oz

Bali tips

How Plan A Budget Holiday In Bali From Australia: Quick And Easy

From Australia to Bali – A to Z

Plan a trip to Bali

Is Safe To Walk Around Bali, Indonesia? Tips to Stay Safe While Walking

Are the paths safe to walk down in Bali?


Want more?

I will be updating the list with every blog I write but if there is something you want help with or advice on, Leave it in the comment section and I will try and get back to you ASAP but I’m not the oracle of travel but I will give you my best dam response.

Thanks for reading!

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