10 Tips you wish you known before travelling Australia!

10 Tips you wish you known before travelling Australia!

10 Tips You Wish You Known Before Travelling

Your thinking about heading off on a trip of a live time, Travelling Australia. But you have no clue what to expect or plan for! Don’t worry I’ve got you!

These are 10 tips you need to know! If you are already travelling or just more amazing tips check out 10 travel hacks


1.Pack light!

This one sounds like a simple thing, but you need a lot less than you think.

And you can carry less than you think.

Be smart pack light, if you need it, you can buy it .

Want a list of what to pack?


2. It’s not about the room size!

It’s all about if the hostel is shit or not, to be fair you can get a bad night sleep in a good hostel room with multiple people. The chance is a lot higher in a cheap shitty hostel.

Dont worry about 12 man or 4 man … Check out the hostel reviews 1st.

a true fact is shit attracts shit .


3. 88 days visa requirements can make or break you.

It’s not easy finding the work … Harder finding a decent place.

And the work is hard, be prepared for this, if your thinking about doing your second year in Oz really think hard about it.

want to know more about the 88 days of farm work click here


4. It’s a large country

No shit .

I say this because lot of people want to see it all.

That isn’t really practical unless you have a lot of time, or flying a lot of the time.

5. Shit is expensive

Want to travel, you need money and a lot of it.

It’s one of the most expensive country’s in the world!


6. Working out here is hard

There is a lot of shit backpacker jobs, farm work to door knocking to manual labor.

I say backpacker jobs as no Australian in there right mind wants to do them.

Getting anything else is extremely hard. So money isn’t ready available.

Find out more about the struggles of jobs here.

7. It gets hot

Just a warning, if your working outside carry water and a lot of it .

The heat can make you want todo nothing!

So all your great plans are fucked.


8. Get fly spray

Fuck me these guys are annoying .

Apparently that’s what the corks on the hats are for!

You will get bitten to shit out here!


9. Australians are friendly

People are not being creepy, they don’t want anything off you .

That’s just the way Australians are, they’re friendly.


10. The trip will change your life

The relaxation and the challenges will change you. Just beware, this might not be your last adventure!

This trip changed my life! Before it i was a dental technician, Now i’m a travel blogger! Want to know how i did it check out Backpacks to BeerTaps


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