10 Tips you wish you known before traveling Australia!

10 Tips You Wish You Known Before Traveling

You’re thinking about heading off on a trip of a lifetime, Travelling Australia. But you have no clue what to expect or plan for! Don’t worry I’ve got you!

These are 10 tips you need to know! I myself have traveled around Australia, I have written this article to help others with problems I faced which can easily be solved if you are prepared!10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE TRAVELING AUSTRALIA

1.Pack light!

This one sounds like a simple thing, but you need a lot less than you think. You can carry less than you think. Be smart pack light. If you need it, you can buy it. When I traveled around Australia I had things that I never used but carried it everywhere. I Unpacked them from my bag when I got home and laughed.

If you are unsure what to pack for Australia, then check out this list. Want a list of what to pack? Check out this Article.


Me when I 1st got to OZ, Then I brought more! Stupid me!

2. It’s not about the room size!

If a 12 man room is 20 dollars in a good hostel, Then its better than a 4 man in a bad hostel for $20. The room size might seem like a big deal but the reviews of the hostels and the actual hostel itself is key.

If you have never stayed in a hostel before or want more information about them, I have a brilliant Article, with tips and hacks for Hostels called Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

8 -bedroom: Pathpoint Germany

3. 88 days visa requirements can make or break you.

It’s not easy finding the work, Harder finding a decent place. The work is hard, be prepared for this, if your thinking about doing your second year in Oz really think hard about it. I normally recommend others to not do the Farm work and keep traveling elsewhere. if  you want to know more about the 88 days of farm work click here

Costa Berries Gingin WA

Farm work can be beautiful, Might it be only in photo’s: Gingin WA

4. It’s a large country

This might sound like a stupid thing to put on this list, But if you are planning to travel the country you need to know how big the country is and how open and nothingness there are. for example, if you are traveled from one side of Europe to the other, It’s large but there are many towns, cities, and villages but Australia you can go 100’s of KM’s without seeing life!

If you are planning to see a lot of Australia road trips are amazing fun, but they are time-consuming and cost a lot too. So just beware and do your research.

For example, I traveled from just south of Sydney to Perth in as little as 9 days and saw a lot of the main cities in Australia but Spent little time at each. One of the days I Drove for 16 hours.

Nullarbor Desert

Nullarbor Desert: the middle of nowhere


5. Australia is expensive

You might be planning on earning a lot of money when working and traveling in Australia. If you are not working then money can be so easily spent. The funny fact is Australia is majorly expensive but the fact you’re in “Holiday mode” will cost you. Days out, getting food out, and generally treating yourself!

My tip for this is to save on things where you can, Bigger hostel rooms, cook at the hostels and eat noodles! Then spend your saving on things you will remember like road trips and other amazing experiences

Travel Money

Play it safe with your money.

6. Working in Australia is hard

There is a lot of bad backpacker jobs, farm work to door knocking to manual labor. I say backpacker jobs as no Australian in their right mind wants to do them.

Getting anything else is extremely hard. So money isn’t readily available. But once you do get a job you will be able to build saving quickly and pay back all the debts from not having a good job for 6 months

Find out more about the struggles of jobs here.

Cringila Pub

The bar we both worked at! Cringila Hostel- It changed my life

7. It gets hot

You might be looking forward to this, But if you are coming from a country like England a hot day is once every 5 years and you think hot is 25’c then you need to prepare yourself for the heat! This heat is a killer, Make sure you always have a bottle of water to hand. The winter does get colder but it rarely does go into negatives unless you are up in the mountains.

Outside jobs are not what you want to do in your first summer.

Coogee Beach

Fremantle: When it gets hot is a great time to head to the beach!

8. Get fly spray

Fly’s can be the worse. There are hotspots for flys (like Ares rock)  but some days in the summer you can just be walking down the road and having squat flys away. Make sure you pick up a bottle of fly spray as soon as you get to Australia. I would say pack some but sometimes you can’t have it in your luggage.

Pelican : Fremantle WA

Pelican: Another Thing that won’t leave you alone, If you are fishing.

9. Australians are friendly

Australians are more relaxed and friendly than most of the world. Even if they do like an f-word or two. This can be very different for a lot of the world, as some (like myself) would think people are coming across a little creepy but they are not, its just their nature.

Quokka Rottnest Island

Quokka on Rottnest: Not just the locals are friendly some of the wildlife doesn’t want to kill you either 

10. The trip will change your life

The relaxation and the challenges will change you. Just beware, this might not be your last adventure!

This trip changed my life! Before it I was a dental technician, Now I’m a travel blogger! Want to know how I started this check out Backpacks to Beer Taps

A book on why decide to quit our jobs and travel the world!


Thank you For reading

I have written a whole article for you guys that are planning to Travel Australia on a working holiday… Make sure you check It out as it covers everything you need to change your life! Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

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