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Adult Travel Puns

Backpacker And Travelling Puns

If you are looking for the best range of Adult Backpacker and Travelling puns then you’re in the right place! These Puns are extremely savage, they might start light but by the end, you will be crying.

Let’s start you off nice and easy with some light puns

Adult Travel Puns

Light Backpacker puns and Travelling puns

  1. Other travelers can be so hostel
  2. You Allflight?
  3. Suitcase yourself
  4. Travel light leave the old bags at home
  5. Hiding in plane sight
  6. Can I borrow ja-pan? A-sia
  7. My tent is a little unstable can I borrow Eu-rope?
  8. I want to see the world in 80 days! What’s your Russia
  9. A-fri-ca is the best of road trips
  10. Sea the world
  11. when thinking about packing ad-tent-to-your list

Medium Backpacker Puns and Travelling Puns

  1. I thought you was banged up abroad? Nah they drop the (suit)case
  2. Oh its the guy from the hostel didn’t you mount-hain
  3. She’s a Beach
  4. You coming swimming? Nah I’m on the travel blog again!
  5. Can I explore your pants?
  6. Nice clothes, Can I dis-cover you

Extreme Backpacker puns and traveling Puns

  1. Did you get the drugs? I’ve (Back)packed them up my Arse!
  2. How were the drugs? I had a Bad (road)trip
  3. Don’t you love it when Ho-tells you can stick in there arse
  4. Travel the world see all the different A-cum-on-nation
  5. Is that creep looking at me? Wonder if it’s lust
  6. Why are you such a coun(try)?

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