Best travel youtube accounts

Best Travel YouTube Accounts To Be Subscribed Too In 2019

Best Travel YouTube Accounts

You want to know where to find the best travel YouTube accounts. For travel tips, Destinations and funny travel videos. Then look no future I will have you covered! These are some of the biggest YouTubers out there at the moment.

If you want to see the up and coming travel bloggers then check out this blog

But This Blog is for the guys already killing it!



The Vagabrothers are smashing in the Travel Industry! Probably one of the biggest names on YouTube for travel. They are best for there travel tips about destinations. If you planning to go to a country on holiday, Type: Vagabrothers (destination) and you probably find some really cool tips.


Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions, Have over 1.5millions subs and give you the how-to of travel. How everything works from why air travel is expensive to Logistics of living in Antarctica.

FSG Travels

FSG Travels, Unlike a lot of travel vloggers. Sean Brett from FSG Travels makes parodies and looks at the funny side of traveling. Perfect if you looking a Travel vlogger does something a little different.


FunForLouis are great travel vloggers, The videos are now quite simple but this doesn’t hold them back from a 2.2 sub count!


Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel Traveler, Or Gabriel Morris is a travel vlogger that plans to see the whole world, Watch him on this journey


High on Life

High On Life, Even with there tragedy. These Group of guys are still making brilliant travel and have great tips for other travel tips


Lost Leblanc

Lost LeBlanc, Type the words travel into YouTube these guys hold most of the top Spot, Granted some of the videos are pretty old. But these guys are still killing it!


Psycho Traveller

Psycho Traveller, Even Know some of her better videos are a little dated now, she gives some great advice for travel newbies


Mr Ben Brown

Mr Brown Ben makes Visually awesome videos when it comes to travel and like to help others do the same!


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