The Best Travel Reviews Ever – No One Is Safe!

The Best Travel Reviews Ever – No One Is Safe!

My travel reviews on everything from towns, birds to prisons

Its time for the funny backpacker to give his thoughts on places, companies and even wildlife. The travel reviews are of things that have affected my life positively and negatively and it good to give praise on things and to vent and expose others.


Travel Review Time

Unlike Santa I don’t have a naughty and nice list so you will have to click the links to find out my personal thoughts on the places, items and other weird things I like to talk about!

Ports Beach To Cottesloe Beach – Best Beach Walk In WA

Walk from Cottesloe to Fremantle

Port beach fremantle to Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe WA – What Is There To See And Do?

Cottesloe one of Perth’s coastal towns

Cottesloe WA - See and do

The Best Coffee in Fremantle : The Best Coffee Shops Fremantle

Time to Talk Coffee, What I think of Fremantle’s Coffee shops!

Best coffee in Fremantle


What To Do On Rottnest Island – Best Way To See the Quokkas

Not a normal review, More like FAQs

Questions about rottnest


YHA Fremantle Prison -The Best Hostel In The World?

Its a little bias due to the fact I work and live there but here is my review!

Fremantle YHA Prison Review


Door Knocking Jobs In Australia – Is Hello Fresh A Backpacker Trap?

Lets talk about the door knocking jobs… Lets go in to my experiences

Are door knocking jobs scams?


You thinking about doing your 88 days farm work, you need to read this blog!

Travel review : Costa Berries Gingin


Fremantle, Western Australia- Things to do in Freo

Travel Review : Fremantle


Little creatures is a brewery on the harbour of Fremantle!

Travel review : Fremantle little creature


The oldest building in the Western Australia

Travel review: roundhouse fremantle


The hot spot for vegans in Fremantle, An awesome cafe for all

Travel Review : Fremantle chic pea


Some kick arse photos of birds!

Travel Review : Birds of Australia


We talk fudge and everything fudging amazing

The original Fremantle Fudge


We visit the Markets in Fremantle and give our opinions

travel review : Fremantle markets


See how Australia does winter!

travel review : winter world


The good,The bad and the drug dens

Travel Review : Sydney Hostels


Where should I review next?

I am open to suggestions, on one condition I must of already done it or I have access to it. Because I am not flying over to the Antarctica just to review its snow! But if I am there… Ill happily write a 300 word blog on difference between English Snow and Antarctica.


Thanks for Reading

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The Best Travel Reviews Ever
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