Where Have I Been?

My Cross Off Travel List- Where I have been!

A travel list that every traveler needs!

My travel list needs to be longer!

I am going to share with you all the countries in the world I have traveled too.

I will be updating this regularly and I am hoping to travel of every single country in the World!

A lot of these countries I went to when I was a lot younger and need to see again.

As you go down my list you will see, some I can’t remember where we went to some countries and most of these we spent less than a day in.

I’m probably going to post this up and have my younger brother correcting my list for me.

The world


Indonesia- Bali 

China (Airport Only)

United Arab Emirates (Airport Only)

North America

United States -Florida

South America

None 🙁


Egypt- Sharm El Sheikh

Morocco – Not sure where

Tunisia – Not sure where



Belgium- Seen some of it

Bulgaria- Not sure where

Denmark- Copenhagen ( I think)

Finland- Helsinki ( I think)

France- Seen a lot of places in France mainland

Greece- Not sure where

Italy- Naples

Norway – Not sure where

Portugal- Not sure where

Russian Federation –St Peterborough

Spain- Seen a lot of it, Including Barcelona and Ibiza

United Kingdom- Live there

Turkey- Not sure where

Cyprus – Not sure where


Australia – NSW, and WA mainly




RED: Been there when over the age of 16 Blue: Only seen as a child Green: Airport only

Someday I want to visit every country in the World … Maybe I will try and do it within a year and get the Guinness world record for it!

-Update This an Article all about me planning to beat that record The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries

Thanks for reading

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