The Travel Journey

The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries

The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries

This is my story before the best selling book, before becoming the biggest name in travel but more importantly, this is my story how I traveled the world and saw all the sovereign countries in the fastest time. This is my travel journey!

The opening sentence to this very article may be arrogant, egoistic and sound damn right crazy and to you people… I stay stick around for the journey! Who Knows what’s going to happen!  I’ve decided to make an article which links you to everything on my journey to visit all the sovereign counties in the fastest time. The blogs might range from stuff like why I have decided to even apply to this crazy challenge to day 100 where I am visiting Brazil. I write this article, With hope in mind but unknowing or where this journey will take me.

The reason why I am writing this article… To prove it wasn’t easy for me. I want to achieve all the things I have listed at the start, But the last thing I want is for you to look at this and go … it was easy for him, I wouldn’t ever be able to do that! Seeing me struggle from nothing to where I have become will show it is possible for you too (if you work as hard as me).

I want to use this to inspire you to travel more, Even if its just to explore the new road that you never walked down to trying to beat my world record (Here I go again with the optimism). I will be giving you all the little tips I learn on the way, this may just save you money for flights, help you write better travel blogs or just give that push that you have been after.

 The timer

(You see it either at the bottom of the page for mobile or in the sidebar for desktop)

The timer will let you know how long I have Until I start to travel, How long I have been traveling or held the record for! For you people that want to know when I started writing this article the timer stands at 157 weeks 05 days and 22 hours before the attempt. This is 4 days after being accepted to attempt the record and just over 10 weeks after applying to attempt it.

As the timer goes down (closer to the event) you will see, getting more and more prepared for long travels.

The Timer goes up (on the travels) You will see more blogs about places and problems on the road.

Lastly, as the timer goes up the last time (After breaking the record) You will see overall looks at stuff and how to use the information I have learned in everyday life.

The Articles

My Opening thoughts on the Guinness Book of the record attempt

This is the 1st article I wrote and I wrote it the day after finding out that I have been accepted to attempt to break the record!

(157 weeks 03 days and 3 hours till the attempt starts)

It’s all about the main problems I already have! Yes, one day in, The reason why I am undertaking this challenge and how this is just another stepping stone in my life’s goals!

Guinness book of records Attempt

The Guinness book of records Attempt

Fastest Person to Travel Europe via Surface Transport

This is an article about the fact I have another world record attempt, This is to add to the big one

(129weeks 02 days and 11 hours till the attempt starts)

Just a bit of an update to the challenge, As I haven’t spoken much about it lately. But the current situation Broke and about the change jobs.

The fastest person around Europe

Fastest time to travel Europe by scheduled surface transport

No more blogs yet!

If you have got this far you in the article you are up to date with my journey, I will try and update this as much as possible so make sure you keep in touch with me, Save FSG Travels …Maybe even make it your homepage on your computer, Subscribe to my blogs and follow me on social media  

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to smash it!

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