10 travel hacks that you need to know

10 Travel Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know

Travel Hacks

Everyone has there own travel hacks for travelling and normally there quite pointless! Stuff you already know, So i decided to make this Video.

For you guys who are reading this blog I am going to make 10 real hacks to go with the fake ones in this video. (which are like the aforementioned)

1. Check in early

Check in online before hand. This will save you time and you will be more likely to able to sit with your group. If not check in as soon as possible. 3-4 hours before the flight!

2. Make sure you have copies of IDs

This is for the reason, If your ID does get lost it can make it easier to get replacements.

3. Let your bank know your travelling

This is because they will think your account has been hacked by someone in a foreign country.

4. Remember you have a carry on

Use your carry on, place a spare set of clothes in there in case your case goes missing

5. Plan ahead for the flight

Make sure your carry on has the stuff you might need for the plane. New planes now have USB chargers so pack yours.

6. Long trips it cheaper to buy a new sim

So make sure you unlock your phone before you travel!

7. Travel on Wednesday

Apparently its cheaper

8. Pack food

People seem to always forget to pack food for airports and aeroplanes. Its expensive in the terminal and the flight you risking bad food.

9. Pack Smart

You don’t need as much as you think! I’ve been carrying around shirts for over year that I never worn.

10. Try new things

Remember you going on holiday, learn new things, see new things and try new things! You will regret it.

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