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The travel gamble technique

I need to start this blog with a disclaimer: This is not a pro-gambling blog! Even with the title being the travel gamble technique, this is actually an anti gamble blog. I would like to say if have any gambling problems please see help at

This Focused on the people who love travel but also have a weekly gamble, This might be the lottery or say a football game.

Let’s use my dad as an example, he loves a simple football bet, each week he will try and put on the same bet 2-1 Manchester City and He will be put on anywhere between £1 – £10 so the winning is not going to change his life may be a nice Holiday? (spends between £52 – £520 on gambling a year) .The other type of gambler we are focusing on is the weekly/biweekly lottery players (spends between £104 – £ 208 on gambling a year). We are not talking massive amounts of money, we are talking about people that gambling to give them a little hope for a better future… There is only one problem with this the house always wins.

pokie machine

What if I could tell you a way that you can have better odds and win more travel?

First, you need to work out how much you spend a year on gambling, then you need to be honest with yourself and when you win how often do you spend it on shit (Oh I won on a bet this week I will treat myself). You need to tell yourself never again when I gamble its a waste of time and money. Are you playing the weekly lottery because of it’s your only hope of freedom? or just bored with life… Well with the travel gamble technique, you will gain focus again.

So what is the travel gamble technique?

It simply is buying cheap flights not knowing if you can travel on the dates or not! Bet you are saying to yourself that this sounds stupid… But let me give you the science.

Download an app like Kayak or go on  Sky Scanner 

And there is a way at looking for cheap flights from your chosen airport to anywhere at any time. This way you can find the cheapest flights at the cheapest time.

This way you can choose no thrills flights for under £20 there and back.

‘what about hotels, taxis and getting to the airport?’ two things these are the cheapest parts and you don’t purchase these until you know you can go – no risk for these

So let’s say you spend £250 on gambling a year… Now lets gamble that on flights. Plan ahead stay cheap, I show you some working examples of this.

(All these flights are from London)



£18- Cologne (actually booked this)



£30- Dublin 



£33- Bordeaux


Of course, these are out of season, so they are a lot cheaper but would you rather spend a couple of days in Germany or Gamble on a football match. Place a couple of these out of season or last-minute bets and long as slightly flexible you could be winning something pretty cool!

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