My Travel Diary And Travelling Ideas

My Travel Diary And Travelling Ideas

My Thoughts

Time to get deeper. poem deep, not feel it in your belly button deep.

Lets talk to you about my Travelling ideas, future plans and just the stuff that runs through my head like a travel diary. I guess I would say these are my more personal blogs. So you guys can get to know the real me behind the mask of the Funny Backpacker.


Here is a list of blogs to where I chat shit to you

Inspire you to travel

A Range of different blogs to inspire you to travel or travel more!

The Balance Working VS Travelling- How To Tip The Scales

Want to travel more, and work less… Here is how to tip the scales

Working VS Travelling

My rules for life 10 Rules I Live By

Want to know what keeps me going? how you can make your own rules

Rules to live you life by

Travel And End Game – My 1.6 Million Pound End Game

How having an end game can help you to travel!

End goals and Travel

How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World- Before You Die

You’re going to die, Travel  before it happens

Quit your job and travel the world before you die

The Travel Gamble Technique :See The World For *Free

This could be a very simple way for you to travel more… and not spending any more

The Travel Gamble technique


Want to go travelling let me motivate you!

Travel Motivation

Blogs all about me and my travel life

Stuff that I want to share with world!

How I Plan To Be The Biggest Travel Blogger!

My plan to be the biggest travel blogger

How I am becoming the biggest travel blogger

How To Deal With Failure? : My Fail Story

This is my story on how failing can be the best thing for you!

My Fail story - How to deal with Failure

Let’s Talk Some Shit!- Just Doing Something Gives You Ideas

Doing something, Brings you Opportunities

Just do Something

Stupid Bucket List & Funny Travel Challenges

So extremely weird ideas you might want to adapt and put on your own list

Travel bucket List

This could of been just an idea: This could been a failure!

This time last year Failure, Success and Goals (the Book) was just an idea… Look where we are now!

Just an idea, Now a travel blog

Plans for late 2018-2019, how to plan to travel Europe

How I plan to conquer Europe

How the power of going out your comfort zone!

Working in a titty bar changed my life

My Map of the world and where I’ve been!

Where have I been

Is it hell? what can you do to make life better?

travelling with someone

England or home as I call it… This is why I miss home!

10 things I miss about England

Travelling and Veganism, Strangely go together

Do I Go Vegan

Ranting travel blogs

Things annoy me, it good to get it off my chest!

Why Halloween Sucks In Australia

Halloween in Australia sucks and this is why

Halloween in Australia

Why I Hate Tourists – Why They Die On Holiday

The reason why Tourists can be idiots and why they die on holiday!

why i hate tourists

Why Travel Bloggers And Travel Vloggers Bore Me To S**T

I go in to details why bloggers need to step up there game!

Bloggers are boring as shit

Why you get fat when you travel

getting fatter and travel


I will update these Regularly

I will be updating the links and adding new ones so stay tuned, Also if there is something you want me to go into details about, I’m happy to take suggestions. Just not penis size, mother maiden name and 1st pet.

Just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a blog!


Thanks for Reading

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My Travel Diary And Travelling Ideas
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My Travel Diary And Travelling Ideas
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