Overcoming struggles of blogging

Travel Blogging Struggles – How To Solve The Problems

Things To Think About Before You Travel Start Travel Blogging, Vlogging or Instagramming…

So you’re new to the whole travel blogging, or even just thinking is it right for you!

Well this blog will put you straight!

I don’t want to discourage anyone, I want to explain the problems that you will face. Over time I will put links to other blogs which will help get past ever one of the problems. But if you are already facing any of the problems below just remember find the fun and think of your goals.

If you are new to travel blogging and want to know how to start check out this link Blog How to Travel Blog for Beginners

These are my struggles and this what I do to get over them


There are many different problems that you can face as a travel blogger. These are my top problems! Each link is a blog that we help solve that problem.

If you are having a blogging problem… check out the link!

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The time it takes

These are not 100% and these can chance from video to blog. these are a rough guide, to help… you can probably do it 10 times quicker but… Putting the time into things is where you build and learn


  • 30 minutes to plan
  • An hour to write
  • 30 minutes to promote and SEO


  • no planned needed (normally)
  • 20 minutes to post and find the right hashtags
  • No promotion needed


  • 20 minutes to plan
  • 20 minutes to write
  • 10 minutes to promote


  • hour to plan
  • about an hour to film
  • hour to edit
  • 2 hours render (if you have slow laptop like me)
  • 1 hour to upload
  • 20 minutes to make thumbnail
  • 20 titles and descriptions
  • hour to promote


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