Bloggers are boring as shit

Why Travel Bloggers And Travel Vloggers Bore Me To S**T

Travel Vloggers need to set up their games

Why travel Vloggers and Bloggers can be so boring

Unlike others, I realized quickly that the reason that there aren’t many big names in the travel Vlogging/ travel Blogging industry. The reason for is because most travel Vloggers / Travel Bloggers are boring as fuck! There are people killing it like Vagabrothers who have the right balance between humor and travel.

The others are the most artist and skilled people… Taking great landscapes photographs and casting themselves perfectly on their fanatic backdrops. They can even write the most beautifully descriptive blogs! 1000 times better than mine. (But not as relaxed and funny). But if you listen to them talk … You want to shoot yourself! Damm who gives a shit if you are going to the local coffee shop and then filming yourself walking down the street. Of course being a travel blogger is more about talking about the place than yourself there but fuck me you could at least try and be entertaining.

Why I want a change to way travel bloggers Vlog and Blog!

I wanted to do it differently. For a couple of different reasons:

  1. I’m not skilled enough to do what the others do!
  2. They don’t inspire me
  3. Being the center of attention is my thing
  4. I don’t want to be like them
  5. It’s time for a change

Yeah, I’m happy to say when I started I wasn’t skilled enough to be a travel blogger and definitely didn’t have the equipment. No drones. No decent cameras and No idea of how to be a travel vlogger or blogger. So as I planned my 1st travel vlog, I watched a lot of people’s content and it bored me to tears. No talking or just talking telling me about there day. The same came from the blogs, Just writing about shit and amazing photo, or amazing descriptive blogs about boring shit.

Balance with travel vloggers and bloggers are off.

How I plan to do it differently

When I realized I was unable to make the fanatic Instagram blogs like the other travel bloggers, It got me down and made me think how can I use this to motivate me?

That’s when the Travel Blogging Memes came out to play

Travel blogging meme

more funny travel meme @FSGTravels

When I realized I couldn’t compete with the other travel bloggers with amazing photography

I decided to give a different view on great things that travelers would love to see and do!

Andrews Levitt Video

Funny Enough, The after writing this blog I came across this video on Reddit. 

Which describes the issue from above in a different light, To be fair I think he words it 100 times better than me! (but does he wear bikinis for laughs … I doubt it)

Check out this video describing today’s problem with influencers and  Instagramers

Thanks for reading

When it comes to blogs I like to make a range of different kinds of blogs to keep things fresh and to keep things interesting. Due to the fact, the main audience of travel blogger are other travel bloggers I make my blogs accordingly. If you want to see the different range of blogs I make, Check out Best Travel Blog of All Time.

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Why Travel Bloggers And Travel Vloggers Bore Me To S**T
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Why Travel Bloggers And Travel Vloggers Bore Me To S**T
Why Travel Bloggers And Travel Vloggers Bore Me To S**T, Why I don't want to be like a travel blogger like all the others
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