Should You Travel Australia?

Unsure If You Want To Travel Australia – Let Me Help You

Still Unsure If You Want To Travel Australia?

So if your reading this you’re probably sitting on the fence whether Australia is for you or not, instead of sitting on the plane! Don’t worry I’m here to help! While your reading this, I’m currently on the plane…Home after spending two great but hard years in Australia. I want to give you all the highs and lows of my trip as well as all the lessons I’ve learned to make up your mind on whether Australia is for you or not!


Aforementioned I have traveled Australia for two years (well just under, but let’s not be too picky) I started my journey as a dental technician from England with no little focus in life and left Australia with a purpose. Australia broke me, I struggled with money, time, family, friends, my relationship, willpower just for me to build it back up stronger and wiser than before. These 2 years I have learned more than any other two years prior. It might sound cliche but the struggles and challenges cause you to become more! It sounds like I didn’t enjoy my time but it was much to the contrary. I have seen more cities in Australia than the average Australian. Had experiences and have stories that will stay with me for a lifetime. I walked miles down beaches, the best meditation for anyone! I got engaged on an epic road trip, These are only a few of my favorite things!

So Let’s weight up the for and against Travelling Australia!

I going to pretend I haven’t already inspired you to go on this life-changing dream of yours. I am going to go all old school on your arse and do a for and against the list for you. Just a warning I’m a little bias for you going so with every negative I’m going to help you turn it into a positive. #sorrynotsorry (Yes I’m a “Douchebag Travel Blogger” You will have to learn to get over it)

Let’s start with the negatives

These are the things that are currently holding you back, To be fair I had each of these in my head before I headed off to (Some didn’t leave me for months of traveling).


This was the biggest thing holding me back and a lot of other people. The fear of money! Money is scary, don’t have enough you die! Or do you?

Not having enough money to get to Australia

I struggled to save up for a working holiday, because of two reasons. one I didn’t know anything about saving money,  two I didn’t know how much I needed! luckily for you, I have you covered reason one in great detail in a blog just to help you out “Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel”. For reason two, You need to have available the visa requirement (around $5000) But this is available… So credit cards count. You need enough to live at least a month and enough to get home. I could give you a rough estimate on how much that would be (Less than $2000 AUD *cough cough* if your flying England) But I don’t want you to focus too much on the money side of things as I did. Its stressful and pointless!

Running out of money when travelling

Sorry to break it to you…But it is highly likely this is going to happen to you! But don’t worry about it, This is one of the best lessons I learned when traveling (wasn’t at the time, it sucked!). When you run out of money you learn new ways to make money, this opens your mind to new possibilities. If you don’t believe me or want to know more check out Travel Teaches You About Money- Why Travel Is Important

Not sure how to get started or what to do generally

Everyone who travels at one point had no clue on what they were doing, They didn’t just know it from birth, they read about it, watched films, documentaries and most importantly read how other people have done it. But luckily for I have made the bible on the Australia working holiday visa, it has everything you need to know. it’s a massive article and where most bloggers would charge for this information or get you to download it for your email address, I don’t it’s just another link to my site.

Everything you need to know about a working holiday visa in Australia

It’s hard work, change, and fear of the unknown

Truth time! Travel is hard work! It isn’t one big holiday, it is real life. Fear of change is one of the worse fears ever, swap it for fear of regret. (people regret not what they do but what they don’t). If you are struggling with finding the motivation to travel and you think actually it’s easier not to travel. Then this blog will kick you up the arse How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World Before You Die The motivation you need.

Other people think I won’t make it

I don’t yet have a killer blog to link for this point. But I can tell you one thing people project their worries onto you. It’s not the fact they don’t think you won’t make it, It’s really the fact they think they won’t make it.

Annoyingly when you do make it, The same people will be like I knew you could do it. Then you mention your next big idea then they doubt you again. It’s just life! Don’t let them get you down.

Ok Time to bring in the positives

Hopefully, by now your checking your expiry date on your passport and looking at booking your visa, If not don’t worry I have the positives.

It’s a long holiday

Ok… I might have mentioned it’s not a long holiday earlier in this same article! But life is how you look at it, Yes you will have to work. but everything else you do is a holiday. Get home from work see a new place, weekends is like getting on a plane to a new destination. bored? find somewhere new!

You find out what true independence is

Some may say this is a negative because you might think I’m talking about taxes and washing (which I kinda am). But what I mean by True independence is the freedom to go and do what you like, Only travel can give you!

You get to change your life (fresh start)

In a shitty run? (not literally unless you work in the sewers) Well, traveling means you get to leave that life behind and become you! Try new jobs, try new people 😉 try and live just that little bit differently!

Want to pretend your from America for a year… why not! Unless someone looks at your passport or your meet a real Americain you can pull it off. No one cares who you are and you can use that to your advantage.

Time to work out what you want to do with your life

When you’re trying out new jobs, New places and new environments you start to work out a path for your life. You start to gain a purpose and sometimes it can be quite selfless. This is the reason why I have decided to start promoting travel to people, I would say this could be the most important to go! Once again here is another amazing blog on this subject! Travel will change the world

Sunset over the swan river outside Zephyr Cafe

My top reasons to go to Australia

I can imagine by now your already on the plane, but want to finish reading this Article out of principle. Not the fact I have not yet motivated you to get going to Australia but if the latter is still the case. Be ready to get them sock blown off and placed in your case!

Awesome Destinations

Australia is full of amazing places and I am going to just list some of my favorites;

Friendly people

The people you will meet when traveling Australia are amazing. Australians can be surprisingly friendly (which was strange to me at 1st). Then you will meet other great, like-minded travelers in hostels, jobs and all across Australia just doing the same as you!

The Weather

I’m from England so a day of 25’c is a pretty hot and very unlikely day, In Australia, that’s a cold summer’s day… Every day is beach weather for the Brits.

The money you can earn

When traveling there has been times that I have earnt the same amount of money in a month in England to a week in Australia… Crazy!

Road trips

I and Taylor traveled from one side of Australia to the other side and the longest bit of traffic we were stuck in was 3o minutes. The roads are long and straight and dam fun!


Beaches are all the same in Australia, 100% sandy, whitish in color and always hot!

The stories

Some of the stories I have about my adventures… I could write a book about it… Oh, wait I Did!


Check it out on Amazon.

Let’s hope I have inspired you to travel to Australia!

So with all this information, you should be ready to go! If you still are unsure, Then I’m not giving you any more free advise you can pay me for more of my hard work! Have a read of the book above Backpacks To Beer Taps Which is all about Taylor and my adventures in Australia and why we decided to head off and leave everything behind!

Thank you so much for reading,

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