Don't quit your job and travel

10 Amazing Ways To Travel And Not Give Up Work

10 Amazing Ways To Travel And Not Give Up Work

If you know anything about me, You will know that I’m the Funny Backpacker and I love to promote giving up your job and going traveling But this article, Is how to travel and keep working. I know work is more than just an income to many people and I had this mindset, less than 5 years ago and I know how stupid I sound to the workaholics when I say give up your day job and travel, So I will be explaining how to travel and keep that career.

Maybe you won’t be able to do all of the 10 ways, but hopefully, I covered your style of work (or give you a new style) in this article. You might need to skip sections until you find your perfect technique.

1.The Shift Worker

Shift worker -way of travel

Are you working within Hospitality, Retail or Just another job where you don’t know your schedule a week from now? Well, many would describe this as the hardest workplace and travel in, Well I know differently. Yes, It might be hard to plan that 2-weeks on a beach during half terms but do you want to travel or just relax?

As a shift worker, you possibly can save the most money and not lose a day off work. Others would be jealous of your “Why Not?” lifestyle. When you know yourself how hard it can be to save up for a “Dream” Holiday, you can see the world for a lot less, but more stress.

I’m going to explain how to do this and give you some tips about sleep as this is the hardest thing about this type of travel. Read on if this is you!

How to master the shift work traveler technique

Planning to go out with friends as a shift worker can be the last minute and this is exactly how you need to plan your travels. Here is everything you need to know how to last minute travel. Everything in this list below will help but doesn’t have to be followed.

  • Cheap, Short and often is key for this type of traveler.
  • You will be looking at mid-week breaks
  • Solo Travel is the easiest as matching schedules with others can be possible.
  • Travel often, lots of short trips. like the place… Go back there.
  • Cities in winter
  • Avoid Tourist Beaches
  • Avoid Term times
  • Avoid Weekends
  • Budget airlines are your friend
  • Pack light
  • Hostels over Hotels
  • Think of wait times for airports and travel times (time is against you)
  • Travel times are key (when to sleep)

Cost and example of this type of trip

I can spend hours costing out an example of a trip like this and show ways of saving money but I don’t have too because I have already done this here How to Plan A Budget Trip To Germany; Cologne (From England)

I Know this example is brilliant for the people working and living in Europe and I know other parts of the world there budget air travel isn’t as good. For countries like the USA or Australia. Use trains and explore your own countries they are massive and worth the trip. Trains, buses, and boats are less stressful ways of planning last minute trips as luggage allowances and waiting times can be less.

£60-£124 Average cost per trip.

Great resources to use for this type of trip

My tips for this type of trip

As before mentioned sleep is key for this type of trip. If you only have a day or 2 in a place you don’t want to sleep and miss the best bits. The more you travel the easier you will find it to sleep when and where you can. But till then you need to look at travel times.

With this type of trip, extra costs can build very quickly so beware.

Travel times

  • Don’t book at traveling at night if you can’t sleep and travel
  • Plan the trip around work.  Don’t plan to work till 3 am then leave at 5 am… I did this can have to take a mid-day nap in the hostel, which was lucky it was quiet.
  • 2 days can be very short if your arrival time is late on the 1st day and early on the next, be aware of this. try to arrive early and leave late for the best time allowance.

Extra costs

  • Baggage
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Travel to and from Airports
  • Lockers and Luggage storages


2.Working Holidayer /Move Abroad

Work Abroad -way of travel

Most of you will look at this section and say one of these things: it’s in possible in my job, I can’t just pack up and leave, My company is brilliant why would I want to leave, They do my job differently across the world Or I haven’t got the money to do that.

All of the statements above are the doubts in your head, the panic of the new. I do understand that some of you feel you have the best job in the world and one of you must But unless you are a gin taster in Barbados I highly doubt you have the best job in the world.

If you are happy to open your mind to the fact you could do your job in another country, read on.

How to change countries and keep your job

This is not the easiest way of getting a quick holiday. There is nothing quick about this technique. It takes a long of planning and possible a lot of money too. There are many things you need to plan and think about. Here are a couple of the many things

  • Where to move too
  • The difference in your job
  •  The weather
  • Cost of moving
  • Moving your items
  • Visa and working restrictions
  • Travel costs
  • Lots of research on how others have done it beforehand

Costs and Examples of this Trip

Just looking at the list above it can very daunting but don’t panic it isn’t as hard as it looks. I have done this myself and have a guide for people looking at a working holiday and can use this guide as an example for people trying to move and live in the different country even if it’s not Australia, It will give you ideas on what you need to know before moving.

Australian Working Holiday Visa -Everything You Need To Know

You are looking and having a £2000-£10,000+ for this type of trip.

Other resources for changing countries

My tips for this trip

If you are going to do any research make sure you can actually do your job abroad. What I mean by this is make sure you have the correct licenses and qualifications that the country requires. No point looking at doing your job abroad if you can’t.

3.Weekend traveler

Weekend -way of travel

Weekends are heading to the pub on a Friday/Saturday and Trying to recover the rest of the Weekend. If you work a 9-5 job this might be your lifestyle. Why not try something a little healthier and possibly cheaper. Instead of hitting the local pub, How about trying a local acholic drink from a different town, city or country.

Being this type of traveler comes with a couple of side effects like mocking from your jealous colleagues. “where you off to this weekend then?”. and the fact come Wednesday you don’t have awkward conversations about the weather you talk about your next travels.

Become that Weekend Warrior and read on.

How to be a master weekend traveler.

This is very similar to the shift workers technique but the costs could be higher if you don’t use the fact you have a predictable lifestyle. Having this lifestyle is winning on the friends front too. As “most” of your friends have a 9-5 lifestyle too, so planning a trip together is a lot easier. Things to make the weekends the highlight on the week. Saying all this, you can always book the last minute to grab the last minute discounts too.

  • Go on late Friday come back Sunday afternoon/evening ( Rush out of work and make sure you have time to get some shopping for the week on Sunday)
  • Plan months in advance or Last minute
  • Have multiple trips ready
  • Plan with friends, the Last minute is alone.
  • Your travel is at peak time (More touristy places, busier)
  • Avoid half term
  • Hostels are great for groups of mates and solo

Cost and Examples of weekend travel

Surprisingly the weekend travel costs can be lower on certain transports as you outside the peak times (which for this case is rush hours). This is more the case for train and buses, not planes. But on Average, you are looking at the same prices as mid-week travels £60-£124

You can look at the same example as the shift worker too. How to Plan A Budget Trip To Germany -Cologne (From England)

Just note if you plan ahead and get friends to join you, hostels might give discounts for booking a private room for you and all your friends.

Great resources to use for this type of trip

My tips for this type of travel

Try to avoid busy weekend activities as it is the weekend and being a stick in a queue is a pointless and waste of your time

4.The 2-week holidayer

2 week Break -way of travel

This one might seem a bit of a gap filler for this list. I’m not going to lie, it is. But I have to include it, as some don’t know the art of traveling in this 2 weeks and seem to spend nearly all of there expendable income on just trying to tan there skin.

I will be giving you tips to save you money, save you lying on busy beaches and how to change routine and see more when you have a break. To learn this art form for the 2-week-holiday… Read on

How to have a 2-week holiday that is meaningful

The first question you need to ask yourself is, Do you want to travel or relax? So many people are too stressed from life to actually want to walk around a new country learning and enjoying new experiences. instead, rather chill on a beach and lay there reading a book.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the idea of this but in a weird way its such a waste of your time. Especially as the people who normally have these holidays are the same people that have to work extra hard because they are going away then extra because they have been away. By the time you have caught up with work you’re tired and need a holiday again.

So how can you get around this, Well I can’t do anything about your job, apart from saying quit that job it’s too stressful and is not worth your health. But what I can help with is a better schedule for your time.

2 weeks off work, (I am going to pretend you have Monday-Sunday week off)

Monday is a travel day. This is a write-off

Tuesday is Relax to max day… Make no plans for this day (pool, beach, Spa, Etc)

Wednesday- Friday Next is the day to explore, travel and make memories

Saturday- Relax to max again

Sunday– Travel

This might seem like something you do anyway, but a lot of the time people use the excuse to do nothing then they get nothing. no memories and nothing more than time off work. If you are looking at relaxing head to a spa in your own country save money, and stress!

Costs and Examples of this Trip

The best way of experiencing this type of holiday is in a villa. You have your own pool to relax in for the First and last day. Yes, this is the most expensive way of traveling as you will probably hire a car too.  But unlike the other ways of travel, you have all year to save up!

Most spend in the £1000’s but this you can get it cheaper looking at less touristy places!

Other resources for 2- week holidayers

My tips for this trip

Stay away from beach towns and Major cities. If you are going to relax you really want to give these places a miss.

5.The Gap Year

Gap Year -way of travel

You love your job, I highly doubt you are wanting to take a year off and do something completely different. Most people don’t have the money to do this.

But talking to your boss and getting an agreement before heading off can make the world of difference. Gap years are not just for students, they can be perfect as mid-life crisis too. Having or want a bit of an enjoyable breakdown? Read my advice on this!

How to have a Gap Year and keep your Career

There you need to think of before you even plan to do this, do you want your exact job back or the same job within your career? This does make a massive difference to how you go about leaving your job.

Staying in your job (sabbatical)

If you want your same job back it would make the task of the gap year a lot harder, You would have to have some agreement with your Boss. Sometimes like myself your boss will say something like your always welcome back. Other times you need to prove yourself to them. This might be agreeing to do work for them remotely or gaining more skills when traveling within your career.

You can say things to your boss like.”I am planning to expand my knowledge of my career by seeing how another country does it”. “I will be attending courses while I am traveling”. You could even ask for a sabbatical, which normally given to people who have stayed a job longer than 7 years.

Staying in your career

This is a lot easier, you might want to visit courses and try jobs in your career but this is only to benefit you later when you try and get a job again in your old career

Costs and Examples of this Trip

As I said this might cost a lot less than you think, Trying not to go into too much information on this article. As I have a massive article for you to read about working holiday visas which is perfect for this type of travelers

Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

My tips for this trip

Keep your mind open! You might find a better career

6.The Home Holidayer

Home Holiday -way of travel

Time, Money and The thought of flying might be getting in the way for travel. But travel doesn’t have to start when you leave your country. You might be in a massive country like the USA or a small country like the UK, Ethier way there are great things to see and do even on your own doorstep!

I will be giving ways of making home travel, the most enjoyable as possible. also, be giving you tips to make it cheaper. Know what to do.

How to home holiday and have new experiences

Most forget the main benefit of the home holiday, that is the fact you are fully flexible with it! Have a last minute half day before a weekend…Boom your on Holiday.

Most people don’t seem to enjoy home holidays as much as they should. They don’t appreciate what they have, because it’s always available.

Places and things you should think about

Just getting space 

Want to get away from a busy house, you don’t need the country, to be fair you don’t even have to leave your town. Some would say waste of money, But if you are just looking for someone alone time, It’s the cheapest option!


Learn more about your own country, go to historical sites. This can be interesting even for people that have no interested in history

Get Lost

Get in a car and go left, right straight, left, right. Find a new place and see what is there. You don’t know what you are missing

Be a tourist

Do what the tourists do, Beaches, holiday homes and See things as they do

Extreme sports

Rock climbing, skiing, and other extreme sports are great ideas even at home

Road trip and Bike trip

Road trip to your country can be quite fun too. For example people of the UK Google the NC500

Parks and Forest

Explore wildlife, Get a tent and be one with the countryside.

Costs and Examples of this Trip

This can range free to the same price as a holiday abroad. But stice I have been back home I have tryied out tourist places in my country too

Thetford Forest -Perfect Guide To Enjoy A Day Out In England

My tips for this trip

Don’t think your at home so you can’t travel, have an open mind!

7.The Work Mover

Home Mover -way of travel

The first six months of moving to a new town or city are equal to traveling to a new place every day. This might be my own theory but the changes that change when you see a place the first time is always intensified and you get to know the true place after 6 months (give or take). Traveling is great but finding a new home is amazing!

This might only be a short term fix with a long term result. But 6-month moves can be possible with this type of travel. Read on if you are happy to change department, location or work for a similar workplace.

How to change job and address, but stay in the same career

This might seem like a really hard task, but it’s actually so simple, just look for a new job and house.

This is the order of the process

  1. Find a place you want to move to
  2. Find a new job and place to live
  3. Quit job
  4. live in a Hostel/hotel/ commute
  5. find a house
  6. Start again

My tips for this trip

Need a change, go for this!

8.Travel With Work

ravel with work-way of travel

You might not be an air hostess but there are much more ways of traveling with work than getting a travel based job. Traveling with work can be the best thing ever as you get paid to see the world.

You might be thinking you can’t travel with your current workplace… But you could be wrong, read on to hear my tips with traveling with work!

How to get paid to travel

Funny thing is, most company and business have some reason to travel abroad and have work to do there. Why not try and put yourself in that position and be the traveling man for the company you work for. Here are a lot of jobs you could do within the company you are already working for;

  • Foreign relations
  • Training others abroad
  • Training for yourself
  • Courses and Lecture
  • Promotions
  • Testing Foreign process’

So how do you go from a low level to working in one of the roles above, ask how you get to that position and work towards it.

Costs and Examples of this Trip

Free or paid for via your company

My tips for this trip

If you don’t ask you don’t get.

9.Freelance In your Career (Or Become your Own Boss)

“Be Your own boss, travel when you like” Its a theory of a lot of people that are now trapped in a business.

You might love thought of the freedom of working for yourself, Or you might be working for yourself and struggling to travel. Ethier way I will be covering how to do both here. “With Success comes Sacrifice”

How to travel like a boss

First thing, don’t really think about doing this if you are planning to be a local Plummer. You need to be planning to have travel in mind. So want to be a Plummer think the traveling plummer. It’s not the easiest, But you can have freedom in your job if you do it right.

My tips for this trip

Don’t get sidetracked by you want to travel so you don’t enjoy your job

10. Change Your Career

Change your career - way to travel

Last tip and Its the closest I have come to telling you to quit your job and going traveling, This is the easiest way of traveling. Of course not the easiest if you love your current career. This tip is a bit of a mash-up of all the tips above but the flexibility of being able to choose a new job.

If you want to travel more than you want to stay in your own career this one is for you!

How to quit your job and travel (And get a new job)

Well quitting your job isn’t easy and it takes balls. you will need to read this How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World- Before You Die

You need to open your mind on what you want to do. Traveling is the best way of doing it. I went from Dental technician to Sales to Bartender to writer.

My tips for this trip

I recommend going on a working holiday visa and trying a range of jobs to see what you like

Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

Thanks for reading

I really hope this Article helps you travel more and enjoy yourself. If you want any more tips, have a look around this site! I give amazing and funny tips for travelers and backpackers

Funny Backpacker out

Don’t forget to smash it!

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