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Something Different To Do In Essex- Topgolf Chigwell (UK)

Topgolf Chigwell – Things To Do In Essex

Bored of pubs, clubs and the fact it’s always wet? Well, luckily for you have the perfect solution for you if you are living or traveling around Essex! The answer to saving you from boredom lays within Topgolf in Chigwell. This is the perfect place for a couple of hours with one or a few of your friends, It doesn’t matter if you are good at golf or not.

Just a heads up, everything written in the article in my own opinion. Nothing here was paid for or promoted in any way by Topgolf at the time of writing (They don’t know I’m even writing this). But saying this if Topgolf is reading this and want to give me and a couple of friends a free game or two for the free promotion I will take it.

Topgolf Chigwell

Basic Details

Opening times: 9 am till Midnight (Most days)

Address: Abridge Rd, Chigwell IG7 6BX

How much does it cost: £6 a game for Adult, £5 a game for kids plus Memberships (£2 for a month membership and £20 for a lifetime membership with extras) Promotions vary (more details Available on Topgolf Chigwell Website)

How long does a game take? Roughly 10 minutes for 2 people longer for more people ( very similar time to bowling… 20 balls) There is no time limit, you can go at your own pace.

Can you bring your own clubs or do they supply you? They supply and you can bring your own (no extra charge for both)

Do you have to book? Nope, turn up and get started

My experience

I write a review on Topgolf as someone who has been once.

I decide to visit Topgolf after a Friend ( Ross McIntyre) had been talking about his previous and fun experiences at Topgolf Chigwell and said it would be a great place to visit and write about. So one-day mid-week we decided to head up to Topgolf. I was extremely worried about going to be fair, due to the last time I headed to a driving range I ended up with a black eye…from trying to hit a golf ball.

The Signing up and Paying

When arriving we didn’t what queue to stand in as there was a side till queue and the main queue. After joining the side Queue we got to the front just to be told to join the other queue. Once finally getting the front of the next queue we were greeted by Sarah (Didn’t know her name just said her name on the receipt). She was very friendly and helpful but not the best at spelling ( or it could have been my pronunciation, as I did spell my name to her)

Topgolf Chigwell

Sean Breet (Sean Brett)

I didn’t change my card, instead, I changed my name by deed poll.

The Golf

After having Ross laugh at me for about ten minutes we decided to head out to the range. The golf clubs were already there waiting for you and you pick your own lane. It was very similar to bowling.

Topgolf Chigwell

The course is simply a driving range with a multiple of targets to aim for, Each worth points and your score is added up for each game to decide the winner. There are ways to get double points and even win prizes

Topgolf Chigwell

The one problem is scanning the ball before your shot, forgetting to do so will cost you a ball and it won’t record on the screen with can be frustrating.

There is no order to hitting the balls and can take it in turn, shoot all then let the other person try and beat your score or a mix of both. This is perfect when in a group and one runs off to the toilet, the rest can play on and they can catch up.

There is also a golf cart that picks up all the balls which is great because when he does sometimes he knocks your balls in a hole and you get more points. there are signs telling you not aim for them, but people do! Not a job I would want.

Food and Drink

There is a bar on site as well as lane service which is handy because you can have your lunch, dinner or snack while playing. For the guys who just wanted to head the pub, the drinks are priced well and they can have fun too.

Topgolf Chigwell

Review Rating

I would give this place a 3.5 out of 5, I knocked off points for the unorganized queues and the scanning of the balls. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes golf and people just looking to have a bit of fun or do something a little different.

Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed this Article on Topgolf and enjoy your time there. If you are looking for more things to do in the south of England make sure you check out Thetford Forest -Perfect Guide To Enjoy A Day Out In England

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