Time and Money Management

Money And Time management For Travel Blogs, Travelling And Work

How to manage yourself when traveling

Money and time management is the hardest thing to do for many people, This is increased when:

  • You are not working a 9-5 job
  • Not knowing where you going to be this time next month
  • Balancing work and travel
  • Making blogs
  • Being active on social media
  • making over travel content
  • planning where you are going next
  • Working out where you are going to sleep
  • Planning around WiFi
  • Trying to Find extra money
  • Promoting content

How to balance time and money

Expect the unexpected. If you don’t it will come up to bite you!

If you are new to traveling then you haven’t learned the wonders of thinking everything going well then BOOM no money, no house and more importantly no WiFi!

This has happened multiple times to me. The worse time was when we were in a town called Gingin in the middle of Nowhere… ended up in a terrible house, having to scrap our car and a terrible job at Costa Berries.

Another time include having a wonderful time on the south coast road trip BOOM No money for petrol, No Signal and being in the middle of a dessert.

How do you prepare for this?

Plan ahead, Work in the Future. Schedule and have Backups. Fuck ups will happen, know the struggles … plan around them.

Management of your money for travel

Balancing money

Travel Money Management

How to plan / Have a plan for no money- Travel in General 

  • Have savings for rainy days ( Simple one)
  • On pay day buy a lot of noodles
  • Have a flight home sorted
  • Have someone you can call on if shit hits the fan
  • Emergency credit card
  • Have Travel Insurance
  • Don’t have anything pay monthly, keep costs low

How to plan / Have a plan for no money- Travel Blogging and Vlogging 

You are broke and you start to lose the will to blog. Maybe your not making any money with your blogs or vlogs and your thinking about dropping it. DON’T. Time to get real with your fans. This has happened many times with myself and some of my best content has come out of the struggle with no money. I got my first patreon because of the struggle with this video

These are the best thing to do when travel blogging and vlogging with no money

Time Management for travel

Travel Time Management

How to plan/ Have a plan for no time- Travel in General

One day your free the next your working 60 hour weeks or spending your whole day looking for work. The key to balancing time and travel is to remember why you came to the country, Was it too work?

  • Use your days off wisely- Recover on that beach… Not in the hostel
  • Have a set goal of how long you will be working there for
  • Looking for work, go to some places you want to see and hand out CV’s- Kill 2 birds with one stone
  • Save up for that holiday in a holiday – plan the next big break!
  • Explore local- Find them small details about the place that others would miss

How to plan/ Have a plan for no time – Travel Blogging and Vlogging

So you ended up travelling so much its affecting your time for blogging and vlogging or maybe or stuck in a job funding your next trip. How can you blog when you have no time. Whats the best way to mange your time?

  • Write about your local area – For example, this is Fremantle to me
  • Make sure you schedule blogs before trips -Then you only have to worry about the back-end stuff (i.e promotion)
  • Show up before you promote – Your real fans will find you still
  • Write blogs explaining you have no time for big blogs or vlogs
  • Spending all your time planning your next trip? Blog and Vlog about that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog on Money and Time Management, If you have any tips to for money and time management leave them below in the comments.

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