Vegan Challenge

Taylor’s thoughts on ‘The Vegan Challenge’

The Vegan Challenge

Thought it was about time I wrote about the Vegan challenge we did.

Why did we do it?

I think that it was because I had been looking into veganism for a while. I can’t remember why mind you. Sean was busy doing random challenges for his YouTube channel so we added vegan to the list. We didn’t actually do it until we got to Fremantle though. There are a lot of myths about veganism so we wanted to try it for ourselves.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese that we tried

What we found

We actually had the help of a fellow backpacker in the Hostel who was a vegan. We thought we would find it really difficult but all you really have to do is swap your normal meals for a meat and dairy free option. It did mean more checking of food packaging but otherwise it wasn’t difficult at all.

We found that we had no headaches any more and no bloating! Usually we would bloat or have stomach pain after each meal but found with large vegan meals there was none of that afterwards. It also meant we had the opportunity to try out ‘Lord of the Fries’. This is a purely vegan only fast food chain…and the food there is awesome!

I also think that we had a lot more energy and focus. There is however, plenty of vegan junk food alternatives! I have to say I found their crisps better than normal ones. They definitely price their food up. However, there is one particular brand in the freezer section called Frys that do really good burgers and hotdogs…meat free of course. We actually prefer them to regular versions now.

This is the video for our vegan challenge.

The biggest surprise

Sean made a couple of posts on his Facebook about going Vegan for 10 days…and it was one of his most looked at posts and blogs! We both had family members getting involved with something to say. Mostly about being deficient in our diets and one particular member of mine wanting full reasons for my choice to try vegan. They also tagged me in Facebook posts about vegans lacking B12, which was hilarious as most meat eaters in the world today lack B12. It’s found in soil people. Yes really. Google it!

It was amazing to us how many people were horrified at the idea that we would not be having meat or dairy for the next week. We are taught to eat meat from such a young age but have other animals as pets that it was funny to see how upset people will get if you say you will no longer eat farm animals. Or, drink the milk that came from a cow’s tit! I did quite a bit of research into the effects of meat and dairy on the human body and was quite shocked with what I found. I won’t bore you with it though….but I do still find the fact we drink milk creepy. It’s for baby cows…not human adults. You are free to go google everything that I did!

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