Struggles of Hostels

The Struggles Of Hostels

 Struggles Of Hostels

Lets get you ready for your 1st hostel! When staying in a hostel you can come across struggles. Here is a list of problems I have faced! If you are looking for Hostels in Sydney check out this


If you have any more stuff than one small bag … you have too much.

Noise (you and them)

You will get woken up every morning or evening. If you are the one getting up  you have to do some weird ultra-planning, so you don’t wake people up.

Sleep times (having different schedules)

There is one light switch and everyone has different sleep times which means your scared to turn the light off or on. The strong leader type of the room is in charge of the light switch, in other words the Cunt (me)


You fight for the bed closest to the plugs, as you want to charger shit and be in bed. Every time you join a new room all that is left is the bed across the room from a plug that is meant for a fan.

Bunk beds

Unwritten rule of hostels, you take the bottom bunk. I don’t need to tell you why if you have been in a hostel, ladder is shit, no plugs, no privacy.


So you have a shit size locker, now you have to decide what items you want to lock away. Think carefully there is not a lot of room.

Personal space

Sometimes your lucky, or maybe you have a resting bitch face. People leave you alone, other times… you want to tell them to fuck off, I don’t want to talk to you about where you are going, where you have been… the last guy told me that and the last girl and the person across the hall.


Others who share a bed and make the r**e cage (this a name for putting bed sheets hanging from the top bunk to give you some privacy) and moving the bed isn’t cool for others in the room… It’s not cool. Also, the fact you can’t have sex is fucking annoying too!

Unclean/Untidy people

You can have someone who leaves their shit all over the room and doesn’t share room space is fucking annoying but living with people who don’t shower is worse.

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