10 Problems with Hostels

10 Problems Everyone Will Face With Hostels

 Struggles Of Hostels

Before I tell you the struggles of hostels, let me first tell you how much I recommend hostels. If you have never stayed at a hostel please don’t get overwhelmed by the struggles of the hostels. Hostels are a fantastic way of meeting fellow travelers, sleeping and saving money. If you are planning on short term travel or long term, try out a hostel. If you want to know more about Hostels, Give this article a read, Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

10 problems with Hostels


If you have any more stuff than one small bag, you have too much. Saying this each hostel is different from the next. Some lockers are a great size and others you won’t be able to fit your carry on luggage in. 
With you review a hostel, you will never hear “This hostel has massive lockers” But if its got terrible lockers you see reviews like “messy rooms” ” small lockers” ” not where to put your stuff” avoid these hotels!
A London Thameside hostel Locker

YHA London Thameside hostel Locker

2.Noise (you and them)

You will get woken up every morning and every night, If you have terrible roommates. If you are the one getting up you have to do some weird ultra-planning, so you don’t wake people up.
Earplugs might be a good idea for first-time hostel goers but after a while, you become a deeper sleeper.
Wine and Cheese Hostel Nights

Wine and Cheese: Some hostels hold events which can be noisy but awesome fun!

3.Sleep times (having different schedules)

There is one light switch and everyone has different sleep times which means your scared to turn the light off or on. The strong leader type of the room is in charge of the light switch. But normally there is no leader and no one has the balls to turn it on. You will be a using your phone for a light, in most places  ( day or night)
My tip is to get a small light or make sure your phone is charged.
pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

6 man dorm: Standard Bedroom In a Hostel


You fight for the bed closest to the plugs, as you want to charger shit and be in bed. Every time you join a new room all that is left is the bed across the room from a plug that is meant for a fan.
Some hostels have plugs next to your bed or in your locker if you find a good hostel!
pathpoint backpacker hostel Cologne koln

Chargers next to the bed is the best!

5.Bunk beds

The unwritten rule of hostels, you take the bottom bunk. I don’t need to tell you why if you have been in a hostel, the ladder is shit, no plugs, no privacy.
If you want to know my theory on make sure you read Which Bunk Is Better? How To Get The Best Bunk In A Hostel
The Secret Garden Sydney hostel

Squeaky bed metal are the worse!


Security might be really safe in a hostel but you can’t be too sure, this will make you put everything you lockers that fit! 
I personally haven’t had anything other than a couple of eggs taken but you can’t leave any other your personal out.
I know its easy to say not to pack valuables, but if you do, make sure you carry them with you everywhere ( Passports and Phones..Etc)
Hostel padlock

Make sure you have a padlock for your locker: Get yourself a similar one from Amazon 

7.Personal space

Personal space is the hardest thing to find when in a hostel. Sometimes you just want to have a nice relaxing time by yourself and someone won’t leave you alone, they want to chat and there is nowhere to hide.
Would love to say the showers or toilets you will find a place to be by yourself, but a lot of the time this is a communal area too.
Want personal space, go for a walk.
Hostel : Fremantle YHA

A communal meal at the hostel can be really nice, especially for solo travelers

8.The Kitchen

This makes or breaks a hostel! The kitchen can be the reason not to stay at a place. Missing pots and pans, no clean stuff when you need it. Washing up left out and the fact there is no room to cook. These are some of the many problems of the Kitchen of a hostel! If you want to know more about the problems of the kitchen and how to get around them.
Kitchen in Hostels YHA Fremantle

Kitchen in Hostel YHA Fremantle: Don’t expect to see an oven in a hostel, they are rare


If you are a couple or single wanting to have sex (by yourself or with someone). Hostels can be extremely difficult. Luckily for you, I have a perfect guide on
Museum Ludwig Cologne

Closest picture I can use for this title without making the Article X rated

10.Unclean/Untidy people

Dirty and unclean hostels are the worse! As well as the kitchen, the hostel can be a terrible mess! If you are unluckily enough to stay in a small room with some messy guests, this can mess up your whole holiday. 
If this happens to you let the guys in the reception know, and see if you can swap rooms. If you don’t care, swap hostels.
Notice Board hostel

Notice boards: Can be handy if they are kept up to date

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