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Fremantle Round House

We visited the Fremantle round house, We took some photos to show you. Even though the weather was terrible, As your see in the video below but we had a awesome day and got some incredible photos!

Round House Fremantle

1st thing is 1st we need to talk about these lines on the buildings around the round house.  They are extremely weird, for one of the oldest building in the whole of western Australia and they graffiti all the local building?

Fremantle roundhouse

Yeah weird yellow lines that are apparently art? Because they all line up, from only one place.

Fremantle Roundhouse

Like this … I’m not sure if this is art or organised graffiti. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

The roundhouse

So let’s move on to the round house, it’s one of the oldest buildings in the whole of Australia and is the oldest building in western Australia. Built in 1830 and opened in 1831. The views from the Top are amazing! You get to see the harbour and the beach. You can pay a gold coin donation to inside (At the time of this we didn’t have a dollar to our names to go inside)

beach front from the roundhouse

There is a tunnel underneath which leads to the beach, with more information about its time and history. There was a sign explains how beach whales use to get eaten here by the aborigines…

Anyways if you would like to see more on the roundhouse check out this video.

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