problems with collabrations

The problems with collaborations

Struggles of collaborations

If you have never collaborated with any bloggers or vlogger before you need to read this! Stop it happening to you!


People are scared to help

People are scared you will steal your thunder and there fans there ideas and there identify… But luckily for you have a made a blog to explain how and why this won’t happen. How to find your niche.

Finding people to collaborate with

Without finding people to collaborate with your working alone!

I have covered how to find different collaborations and gone in details how to research and contact them. To read how to collaborate with travel bloggers.

Too good to help you!

These guys are thinking they are the bee’s knees and think the world involves around them… If they give you a shout-out you need to travel the world, make them coffee and back massage! Just because they have 5 followers.

Make sure you get a fair deal before agreeing to them.

Bigger blogger have to help you out

This does sound like a contradicting to the last point. But the last point is about people wanting to collaborate with you and not offering you anything for helping.

This is about you wanting to collaborate with massive or any blogger.

Remember people don’t have to help you out … Especially when you can’t offer them a good deal.

People reaching out not having a clue what they want

If you end you in this situation, it can be rather frustrating. They want something but don’t know how to achieve it … You can do one of two things

1. Decline the invitation

2. Take charge

You can either come up with the ideas or just sent them my blog on how to collaborate

People don’t follow through

You send them your end of the bargain and then for whatever reason the person doesn’t do it.

Stops contacting you and royalty wastes your time … This happens and it’s annoying!

Just learn from it and research better next time.

Then you have the people who actively fuck you over

These last people are the worse, you try and team up and they end up taking ideas.

Just remember they are not you and they will burn out trying to copy others.

And you learn from your mistakes.

On top of this IV decided to make a name and shame blog!

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