Here are the people that make this site happen. They look over every article sent in, approving them, posting them and helping to promote this site.

In return, they get their photo on this page, like a weird Hall of Fame

The Funny Backpacker

Funny Travel Photo

How They Help The Site

This site originally was the home of the Funny Backpacker, until needing to find His own space for self-promotion.

He wrote a lot of articles before the panel was made. Building the base of the website and choosing the first set of panelists

He is still around writing articles for FSG Travels and helping in the upkeep of the website.

Why They Help The Site

After The Funny Backpacker visited his first travel creators convention, he realised quickly that there was a key theme to all the chats

The panel was mainly 1st gen travel creators (People who starting making content before 2010) and the audience was 2nd gen travel creators (People making content on and after 2010)

The panel explained how they made it, Social media, SEO, YouTube Instagram. They gave advice on how they did it. But they didn’t know a path, didn’t know how to make money from it. To be far a lot of people would state they made it up as they went along. But now their methods are written like a formula to success.

The audience would take notes and listen like sheep. The problem with second-gen (like myself) people don’t take there own path they followed what did work. But just like first Gen, they are scared of changes in algorithms, need to stay up to date to keep ahead.

I want FSG travels to be the birth of the 3rd generation of travel bloggers (people from 1st and 2nd gen are more than welcome too).

The 3rd gens will be about content. They don’t care if it’s not algorithm friendly. They want to express themselves, give the best advise and care about the future of the travel industry. 3rd gens its more about their personalitys mixed with amazing content.

The Funny Backpacker will help FSG Travels to be the home of the 3rd gen travel creator mindset.

What The Funny Backpacker Does Other Than FSG

The Funny Backpacker sees travel a bit differently than most. Looking at everything from a funny side. Setting himself challenges, pushing his comfort levels and wearing some of the weirdest outfits.

The best place to find out more about the Funny Backpacker is:

Where he shares his life as the Funny Backpacker, Showing off his many challenges, outfits and just random funny travel stuff.

To see his FSG profile check out… Funny Backpacker Profile