The original Fremantle Fudge

The Original Fremantle Fudge – Fremantle Markets

The Original Fremantle Fudge

The Original Fremantle fudge. Situated in the heart of Fremantle in there markets.

This place has a beautiful range of different locally made fudges which are made with care and passion. Unlike other fudges these are not boiled which loses a lot of the flavours.

The range of flavours are fudges are quite mind blowing!  They are so so sweet!

Original fudge, mnms,  fudge peanut butter, marshmallow and caramel….

As you can see by the pictures the colours of the stand out. So if you visit Fremantle market you can’t miss this stand, and make sure you stop by and taste so of the wonderful tasting fudge. The guy behind the stand is extremely friendly and if you ask nicely he may let you try before you buy!

You can buy one single fudge or a multiple box of a range of different fudges, that you can share or eat yourself.

Fudge Tasting Video!

I made a great video of me trying a range of different fudges from this stand, have a watch. Its a good video for you guys not knowing which of the fudges to try when you head down to the markets. I review and rate 7 different fudges.

Fremantle markets

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