Beer Taps to Road Maps

Taylors thoughts on The YouTube Series Beer Taps to Road Maps

Beer Taps To Road Maps

I think that the road trip that led to the YouTube series ‘Bar Taps to Road Maps’ has to be the best thing we have done in Australia so far. Eight days, in a 1999 Subaru with a mostly sweaty and grumpy Sean…and myself the boss of the camera hence the ground-breaking footage shared throughout the series…!

Sean worked his little ass off putting together each episode in a timely manner and I think he edited the footage really well, including the main points in each video. In hindsight we actually wish we had filmed a bit more! The views and countryside we saw on the way were amazing and not something you can 100% appreciate yourself from the footage unless you too went on a week-long road trip across Oz- and well, that IS what we are encouraging you to do!

We made sure to get involved in some sort of activity in each place and we weren’t short of things to do. The only episodes that really lacked any real content were the ones about Philip Island and the Nullarbor! The penguin facility in Philip Island didn’t allow you to capture video or photographs, which was perfectly understandable due to the fact the Penguins there are wild birds and they want to encourage them to keep the Island as their home! With the money from the tourists helping to keep them safe. We did get to take one little penguin home with us though! [Insert pic of Taylors well cute Penguin from the gift shop]


And well, the Nullarbor was two solid days of driving through desert, with the odd tree! We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any of the wild Camels/Cattle/Horses or any Dingo’s stealing babies…

The Video

Either way, it was an awesome week which produced a wicked video series and obviously I recommend you guys go check it out!! Here is the link to the first episode, see you guys there.

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