Australian Ice cream

Taylor’s Thoughts On Ice Cream in Australia (Gelato)

Ice cream in Australia

Now I’m the first person to admit I love ironies, so thought I would make a blog about Ice Cream in Oz the night before Sean and I go Vegan for the next 10 days.
So first off, they call it ‘Gelato’. We have had said Gelato from a few different places but there is one place in Sydney where it is just amazing! When we stayed in Surrey Hills we visited a store called Messina. Where my sister had worked whilst she was in Oz, and got hooked!

They honestly do the best ice cream we have ever had with heaps of different flavours. They also named their specials after Game of Thrones themes to celebrate the latest season coming out whilst we were in Sydney and being a huge fan that was just more gold stars from me!

The consequences of having amazing ice cream at Messina

Not so great on the waistline mind, we went quite a few nights whenever I got back from work and we packed the pounds on…but seriously, it was worth it!

There are a few other stores that advertise their product as ‘Gelato’ but it’s honestly not a patch on the stuff that is made by Messina.

Sadly, they have no stores on the West Side of Oz, but the second best place we have been to is a store called ‘Gusto Gelato’. They have a much more limited range of flavours and specials, but it’s still really nice stuff and Sean and I visited the stores a few times before we made the move up to Fremantle.
So if you are visiting Oz and hitting Sydney, make sure you visit Messina!

If you are flying into Perth make sure you visit a Gusto Gelato store and once you have done that…fly over to Sydney and go into a Messina store!
Huh…maybe this Vegan thing won’t work out after all…


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