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Sydney Puns

Adult Sydney Puns

These Are Adult puns, I repeat Adult Sydney Puns. Please don’t cry like a baby when these puns scar you! I will start you off light with some amazingly cheesey puns that you can use for Instagram then boom! It’s offensive as tackling your nan in the middle of the high street.

If you are looking for more amazing puns to use on your Instagrams I have a massive list here;

Light Sydney Puns

  1. Drinking too much can give you a Sydney-disease
  2. Looking sexy there Darling, Harbour
  3. “Can you smell what the rocks is cooking?”
  4. Stop being a wimp. Act a little Manly beach
  5. “Shh Hyde-parking who making that noise”
  6. I swear Everyone is crazy, There all Lunny parks
  7. He is sending in his army again…The king’s cross
  8. You get a boat, you get a boat and YOU GET A BOAT – Sydney Oprah’s house

Sydney Pun

Medium Sydney Puns

  1. I’ve said the safe word now give me the Circular Quay for the handcuffs
  2. Sydney Open-Bra House ( I should copyright this one! Just in case a strip club opens under this name)
  3. Sydney heads good!
  4. Not as good as Sydney’s Cove
  5. Look at the state of her Wattamutta
  6. Check out her Surry Hills

Sydney pun

Extreme Sydney Puns

  1. Fuck nudist beaches, You need to try Bondiage Beach
  2. Told you my penis was Talonga zoo yours
  3. Your mum is a slut she loves a cock-or-too (island)
  4. No, we can’t kick the shit out of the old guy, it’s Balmoral
  5. I was up late last night watching some weird porn, Boy-tentacle in-her-Gardens

Sydney Puns

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