Should You Fly In To Sydney or Perth

Should You Fly In To Sydney Or Perth? The Changes In Your Experience

Should You Fly Into Sydney Or Perth?

Such a simple question, but for someone who has flown from England into both cities, I can give you some great advice on which airport to fly into. I will also tell you how flying into the different airport can completely change your whole Australia experience. I Will give you both the negatives and the positives for both Sydney Airport and Perth Airport so keep reading

For you who don’t like reading here is the answer to the question “which airport should I use to fly to in Australia” is Sydney Airport. But there are many times that Perth Airport is better for your travels. Let me compare both of the Airports, cities, possible further travels, WA vs NSW and My top underrated cities nearby.

Where Should you fly to Perth or Sydne

Which Airport is better?


You might be thinking, wait a second you just told Sydney is the best place in Australia to fly to, But Perth Airport is better? This may confuse you but what I am actually talking about in this section is the airport and the flights ( Nothing else).

Both airports and quick and easy to navigate through. Both have a great range of shops and other little things that make airports great but Perth Airport has one big advantage over Sydney Airport

 Direct flights

Perth has access to direct flights to London. This is amazing for anyone who hates swapping and changing flights! Of course, people from England benefit most from these flights, But a lot of Europeans also op for the direct flight from London even if they have to travel there first.

This is due to one thing, the plane used has must better leg room and facilities than a lot of the other flights into Australia.

If you would like to know more about this flight have tried the new flight and give you there experiences

Which city is better Perth or Sydney?

Of course with both cities, there are good and bad points but as an overall, it isn’t a shock that Sydney is the better place out of the two but let’s look at why

Things to see and do in Sydney

Sydney is full of things to do but each of them will cost you. “OH look the Harbour Bridge, how beautiful” for $279 you can walk over the top of it! But Sydney is still awesome!

Icon Sydney

If you are traveling to Australia, You need to see the harbor bridge and the Opera House. It’s like going to Egypt and not seeing the Pyramids.

Of course, I say this as a tourist, not a traveler. If you want to see the “real” Australia Sydney is not the place.

Everything in Sydney is geared towards having a lot of travelers and they make the most out of there amazing iconic places like Bondi Beach where it has everything you need to enjoy a day trip.

Busy Sydney (tourist hotspot)

Saying All this Sydney 100% is a tourist trap. It wants your money and It will get it! You can’t go anywhere without someone trying to sell your overpriced souvenirs and day trips to places like the blue mountains.

On top of all this Sydney is packed! You can’t walk down the street without walking into someone, you can tell its other travelers visiting the place, not the locals due to all the different languages you hear walking down the streets.

Don’t get me started on the special events Sydney holds like Epic (The show once a year). The events are fantastic but overshadowed by the hoards of people.

Epic :sydney NSW

Epic Amounts of crowds: Sydney NSW

Gambling nightlife

Want to go out in Sydney, Forget it! Sydney has so many restrictions on their alcohol like its illegal to be drunk in Australia and this is heavily enforced in Sydney. Bar have early lockouts and no shots after certain times. Within the CDP (middle of Sydney) this is so controlled its no longer fun.

On top of all this, Unlike other parts of Australia Sydney has a gambling problem. Nearly every pub you go to will have these machines called pokies which are designed for you to lose all your money! Of course, you don’t have to use them, but everyone else is playing them, so why not join them the nightlight isn’t any good out the pokie rooms.

One weird thing about Sydney is their casino doesn’t seem to have to follow the same rules as the rest of the NSW gambling and Alcohol laws. This place is open when everywhere else is closed. Weird!

pokie machine

Things to see and do in Perth

Perth is in the same country as Sydney but it’s like they are worlds apart! The experiences you will get from Sydney would not be anything like you will get in Perth.

Perth is more relaxed and is in the State WA which is known by the locals as Wait Awhile Not Western Australia.

Just another city

Unlike Sydney, Perth Is just another city it doesn’t have places like the Luna Park, The rocks and other interesting and Instagram friendly things. It does have a few good things (including its Free buses) stuff like Kings Park and Elizabeth Quay. But these can be seen and done within 5 minutes.

Perth just fades into the background

More relaxed, but still busy

Perth can be seen as so relaxed its boring, But it doesn’t stop it from being busy due to the fact is one of the best places to be in the whole of WA.

Nightlife in Perth

Perth nightlife is pretty good with North Bridge being at its center of the seen. But some find it just a too loud and messy with no purpose other than getting smashed. There are a few good bars that do stand out like Holey Moley and mini golf bar, but this can be packed at the weekend.

Where is it best to go to after Sydney and Perth

Sydney (good public transport, lots of cities, places)

Perth (south small towns and cities. North is open lands and south hard to get to places)

Onwards travels from Sydney

When you are looking to travel on from Sydney your looking at places such as Big cities such as Newcastle and Wollongong which on a Sunday there is massive saving using an Opal card. For example, back in 2017, I traveled from Wollongong to Newcastle for around $2.50 for the same size trip in England would set you back around $70.

To be fair this is the main reason Sydney wins on which place to fly to due to its great choice on where to travel to next, Brisbane and Melbourne are strangely not too hard to get too.

Onwards travels from Perth

Perth is located off the edge of nothing! There are many small towns down south but their access is so limited due to bad train links and bus services. To travel anywhere from Perth you are looking at long distances of nothing but the open road… Maybe that’s the experience you are after. It is something the coast of NSW can’t offer.

The main destinations from Perth are South to Albany and Esperance. North to Exmouth, Broome, and even Darwin. These are all road trip worthy, to be fair it’s one of the best ways to travel to these places. But remember North can very hot so pack water!

The underrated cities near Sydney and Perth

Sydney = Wollongong

Wollongong is massively underrated for a city in Australia this is because it’s in the same state as Sydney and the next big place down is Canberra so people tend to forget about visiting this place when they Arrive in Sydney.

Wollongong is great for more scenic views, Better nightlife and altogether a lot more relaxed!

Wollongong lookout

lookout Below: Wollongong NSW

Perth = Fremantle

If you have read anything before on this website you will know I’m mad about Fremantle. With Fremantle becoming more and more known in Australia it is becoming a little more touristy but as many people don’t travel to Australia for Fremantle, which they should be doing. Freo is fantastic, skip Perth come to Fremantle.

What is so good about Fremantle, Great nightlife, relaxed but with a really cool vibe and so much to see and do!

If you are thinking about Flying to Perth, You really need to think about staying in Fremantle.

Dolphin East Fremantle

Dolphins down in the Swan River in East Fremantle

Here are a couple of great Articles on what to do here;

Welcome to Fremantle (Perth, WA, Australia )

North And East Fremantle See And Do

Which Is The Best Beach In Fremantle?

Summary and Key points

The reasons you should choose Sydney over Perth

You want to travel on for cheaper, You want to see the east coast.

The iconic city is calling you with the Opera house and Harbour Bridge

Sydney is great for people who are on a Working holiday visa or an Extremely short trip.

There are lots of experiences to see and try in Sydney.

The reasons you should choose Perth over Sydney

You want a direct flight.

You want to experience more of the “real” Australia.

Fremantle is the best place to travel around, not Perth.

Long real Aussie road trips are calling your name

Hope this has helped you decide which Airport is best for your travels!

I hope you enjoy Australia as much as I did, I have some more great Articles for tips and hacks while in Australia as well reviews on the some of my favorite and worst places in Australia and even though I have left Australia I will still be writing killer articles like this one.

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