Blocked view on the swan Bell Tower!

Is It worth visiting the Swan Bell Tower In Perth?

Is It worth visiting the Swan Bell Tower In Perth?

No. You probably want to know why I have such strong views on people not seeing the swan bell tower in Perth. The reason why is I don’t want you to waste your money and time!

Before I carry on, I better state these are my personal opinions before I get sued by the Australian tourism board. In this article, I will tell you why I believe it’s a waste of time and money as well as what you could for free instead! I would also like to state all the information for this article was taken from the Bell Tower and the staff working there, I never went up the tower for a view personally due to the price. You may find it completely different and If so I would love to hear your views in the comments.

In my opinion, The Swan Bell Tower is a tourist trap.

Barrack Square Perth

Bell Tower Barrack Square Perth. Got admit this is cracking photo!

What Is the Swan Bell Tower and where is it?

The Bell Tower is the only place in the world where bellringers can share their cultural heritage with visitors in such an open and accessible way.” Source

It is located on Barrack Square, Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000

How much does it cost to visit the Swan Bell Tower?

$9 an Adult to up the tower (This price is true at the time of writing). This price Is crazy for what it is! A glorified lookout(now with a really blocked view)

$18 an Adult for the Bell Tower Experience

But these prices are hard to tell the difference when in the tower, Before visiting the website it looked like $18 just to go up the tower!

If you are still planning on going up the tower, make sure you go their website as they seem to give better rates like 10% off

Gift shop prices

The gift shop is worse! The shop doesn’t contain anything more than most of the souvenirs in the city apart from the fact it’s super expensive and has a couple extra bell souvenirs.

Love Locks Bell Tower price Perth

A Padlock with your names carved into it to leave on the small bridge entry to the bell tower

Saying this, no one is forcing you to purchase anything and you can have a look round the bottom of the tower for free. Plus a lot of people seem to find that price reasonable…

Love Locks Bell Tower Perth

The number of padlocks on the Bell Tower bridge

What can you see from the Swan Bell Tower?

Nothing interesting, water and a massive apartment block.

This recent build of the apartment block on the Elizabeth Quay is actually what has expired me to write this article. Before the massive build-up of Elizabeth Quay the Swan Bell Tower had a wonderful view of the city and the Quay, Now its best views are blocked. But the price seems not to be any lower!

Bell Tower blocked view Perth

The staff

I don’t know if it was me, but I found the staff cold. Maybe it was because I asked a question that millions of people are now asking “What can you see from the Bell Tower now the apartment blocks have been built?” The staff member in question gave me a very cold reply and defiantly didn’t sell the $18 entry fee to me.

She stated that you can still see the water and the park. I was going to go up it just for some more pictures for the article but found her very rude and I didn’t want to spend any money there after talking to her.

Where can you get a good view for free?

Walking around the Elizabeth Quay and Barrack square is free and you can still see amazing views of the city.

Perth from Elizabeth Quay

Perth from Elizabeth Quay

But for the best views in Perth, you really want to head up to the Kings Park

Flowers over Perth City from King ParkPerth from Kings Park

The views from Kings Park is incredible

looking out to Perth,Birds of Australia

Want to see more amazing bird western Australian Bird Photos check out Birds of Australia- Found in around Fremantle and Kings Park Perth

Even this little guy thinks so! and better yet Kings Park is free!

I hope this article has given you some insight into the Swan Bell Tower

As I said before I would love to hear your thoughts on the Bell Tower Perth, write them below so others can read them!

I can find Perth a bit limited on things to do and see and I always recommend people to move on to Fremantle as soon as possible. If you haven’t been to Fremantle yet and want to know what to see and do there I have two easy to read Articles to get motivated and excited to move on to Freo.

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