You’re Only One Good Move Away From ‘Instant’ Success!

Success could be your next move!


You might be thinking of giving up! But the next thing you do could have made you successful… The Same mindset of a gambler! But what successful person hasn’t gambled there free time for a chance to reap the success!

I’m Writing this due to the fact I myself had a little win today with my Instagram. I received a shout out from a big travel blogger on Instagram. This Gave me an extra 100+ people following my page! Just a couple of weeks prior to this I was struggling to gain just 7 new followers in one day!

Backpacking parody Wanderreds

FSG travels featuring Wanderreds


Three emotions come from this sort of ‘instant’ success


“all that time and effort I put in before and something this simple can have a greater impact, Why didn’t I think of this before”

Forget everything that leads you to that moment and all, the work you had to put in to get ready for it!

I’ve seen people hit 1000’s of share and like on a post and yet have nowhere to direct these fans… So that’s it, It just dispenses into nothing.

Joy with confusion

“How do I do this again?”

This comes when you hit upon something that you didn’t know was there… It’s like digging without a metal detector and still finding gold!

This can be deadly for people due to the fact, they will continue looking for gold without a metal detector thinking it the easy and quickest way.

Satisfaction or disappointment

“Yes, I knew I could do It, Wish it was Better”

You have been planning for months on researching and building up for a moment, was sure when it was going to kick off but you knew it would.

This was exactly what happened with me, I was building a portfolio with smaller Instagramers and slowly building and hoping they would share it…  learning what makes them share more … and what doesn’t before asking the bigger people.

How do you get success to be your next move?

  • Know its not Instant success, It planned. You just not sure when it will kick off
  • Try out new things, test them, adapt them, learn from them
  • Have a goal 
  • Measure your own success, don’t worry about others!
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Keep going!

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