Keep The Traveling Bug When You’re Stuck At Home

Want To Travel But You’re At Home And Life Gets In The Way

Funny, I do everything in life now never to get trapped by life, and yet a master like me falls for the same traps as everyone else. Stuck by life, Work, Car problems, family issues and stuff that never seemed to matter when traveling, but now seem to be real issues. Little things seem to stop you from big things like traveling. Travel is now an unnecessary thing. TRAVEL IS NEVER UNNECESSARY.

This is an article to save your travel mindset. Stop that part of you fading into the abyss. As I explained it can be very easy to think the goal of travel is unreachable when it’s actually more reachable than ever.

Fade Of Travel

The Fading of the travel dream

How to save your travel mindset

The question you really need to ask yourself is why do you want to travel in the first place? The answer to this question is probably the same as the thing that is currently stopping you. You want to get away from the annoying thing that life keeps throwing at you, now this is the stuff is holding you back from traveling. It’s a destructive cycle, you need to get out of!

The 1st bit of advice I can give you is to read this article Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel  This will be the 1st be of eye-opening information you need to start changing your mind back from the failing mindset you are in at the moment.

Apart from saving money, there is more to learning how to get your travel mindset back and eventually traveling and the advice you need is below.


Keep planning more trips

The best thing you can do is book that flight… Not the dream holiday, not 2 weeks away but that day or two, long or short weekend. Booking a flight or a hotel is a great way of gaining a great mindset. It gives you something to look forward to.

Can’t afford it? You can book a return flight for as little as £20 and cheap hostel for £20 a night. I did this myself when I knew I was going home after a long period of travel.

I spent under £125 for a long weekend with some perks and give away the tips and sites I use to make this possible (as well as doing the whole trip for half the price) How to Plan A Budget Trip To Germany- Cologne (From England)

One good place I found you find cheap short holidays is Wowcher

Live in the travel lifestyle

If you read the article above about how to save money to travel then, you would already ready hear me mention a little about this. But I am going to go into some more details about this now.

Many get stuck in jobs, houses, and family because they don’t keep/have a travel lifestyle before traveling.

What is the travel lifestyle?

Things that represent the travel lifestyle;

  • Not fixed to a place (or happy to leave at any time)
  • Very frugal
  • Not wanting new items or gadgets all the time
  • Planning your next trip
  • Work is for money

How can the travel lifestyle help get your travel mindset?

When you plan to have a travel lifestyle at home, you can really prepare yourself for your travel future!

  • Being able to let go of a place (actually going traveling)
  • Save for your trip
  • Learning to travel light
  • Planning your next trips
  • Learning work isn’t life (one of the hardest thing people going traveling needs to learn)

Travel your home country

Traveling your own country is amazing. It’s good practice for people to see more of your own country, get used to going from A to B to C. But not just for this reason of practice,  there were other reasons to travel your home country.

  • Gives you things to talk about when visiting other countries (You can big up your own country to others)
  • You find a new love for your home (gives you something to look forward to)
  • You can have as much fun if not more in your home country
  • Chance to see some of the world with your closest friends
  • It kills time till your next big getaway

If you don’t believe me then check out some of my Articles about England 

Here are a couple of my favorites

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Read more about travel

Yes, I know this is a great place for self-promotion, I will do that in a bit but first, let me explain the importance of reading.

This comes in the form of blogs, Articles, Book (peoples journies and guide book) Watching travel programs, Youtube, looking at maps. There is so much you can do to get your passion for travel back. Even the odd David Attenborough program can make you want to travel.

Ok as you asked here is my link to my book Backpacks To Beertaps

Another little tip, writing about past experiences can also help


I really know it can hard to stay in the mindset, and it can be very depressing when you are not traveling. But all travelers have to go through this at some point. Don’t let this low kill your travel high.

I have some more quick and easy article for you if you want help getting back on your feet after travel

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