Struggles of jobs in Australia

Struggles of Finding A Job In Australia

The Struggles Of Finding Jobs In Australia

So, you arrived at Australia The Land Of Opportunity’s, whats it like finding a Job. There is so many things you should know before travelling Australia. 

There is a couple of problems with getting jobs.

You’re not Australian

The Employers openly state they want Australians! You can’t compete. This isn’t because they are racist more because of the visa requirements and the fact when a lot of employers see Working Visa they avoid you! 

The visa has fucked you

Because you can only work for a maximum for 6 months, and they know you probably will leave before then too.

Qualifications are not the same in Australia 

You’re job qualification doesn’t count as it’s not an Australian qualification… your not even qualified to be a bartender without doing a course in Australia.

To many backpackers

Too many people like you trying to grab all the farm work… coffee shops and pubs. You all fight for any job in a city, which no employer wants you.

They know you can’t get a job

They make jobs for backpackers than pay fuck all. commission or piece rate… which is a fucking joke unless your amazing… but you will find the company is out to win!

88 days farm work

As well as the fact you have to do this job to get a 2nd year visa, You need to work around this for everything you do in Australia! Including getting another job!

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The Backpacker Stereotype

The fact backpackers are known for working just for enough cash to leave its not helpful.

Want to know more about struggles check out this video!

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