6 Struggles with Jobs in Oz

6 Struggles of Finding A Job In Australia As A Backpacker

The Struggles Of Finding Jobs In Australia

You are probably sitting on your computer right now, researching how easy it is to get a job in Australia as a Backpacker or How much to jobs pay? Just like I did before I went on this journey of a lifetime.  Luckily for you, I will be answering these questions and a lot more.
Before I tell you about all the ways you are going to struggle to survive in Australia. Let me quickly tell you how great Australia was for me. Yes, I did struggle, Each struggle I learned something new! But I had some fantastic jobs like working in many different bars, clubs, and pubs to working in a Hostel. The fun I had in these jobs could not be found anywhere else in the world. The pay for these jobs started at $21 an hour nearly double the hourly rate back home. If you want to know about one of my favorite jobs in Australia check out The Cringila Hotel -How Working In A Titty Bar Changed My Life!

But not all my jobs was fun, so let me give you a rundown of 7 struggles you will find when trying to get as a backpacker in Australia 

1. You’re not Australian

The Employers openly state they want Australians! How really compete with an Australian? They most likely will stick around longer than you.
Because of this companies are not likely to train and spend money on them. After speaking to some Australian employers they said if they saw the words “working holiday visa” they wouldn’t even give them an interview.
For some, the fact your not Australian can be more than a location, The factor your first language isn’t English is a massive negative in a lot of jobs.

2. The visa has f**ked you

Because you can only work for a maximum for 6 months, The employers don’t want short term staff. Because of this requirement, you will probably end up stating it on your resume (CV) so you don’t waste your time and get to the interview stage then turned away. 
The fact backpackers are known for working just for enough cash to leave it’s not helpful. Don’t be like that, give your boss notice.

3. Qualifications are not the same in Australia 

Your job qualification doesn’t count as it’s not an Australian qualification. You’re not even qualified to be a bartender without doing a course in Australia.
Because of this, you will probably be looking at a low-level job when working and traveling Australia.
Make sure you check your own profession before you travel.

4.To many backpackers

Too many people like you trying to grab all the farm work, coffee shops, and pubs. You all fight for any job in a city, which no employer wants you. The fact there are so many backpackers, it isn’t easy. But you can normally pick up others scraps (The jobs they leave)
Make sure you shine, to get above the rest. I used fancy folders when handing out my CVs

5. They know you can’t get a job

They make jobs for backpackers that nothing. commission or piece rate, which is a joke unless you’re amazing. I have a wonderful story about the time I ended up at one of these jobs. Door Knocking Jobs In Australia -Is Hello Fresh A Backpacker Trap? 
Give it a read and try and stay out of these types of jobs.

6. Farm work

This is one of the worse things about the whole Australian working holiday visa, I would recommend not even attempting to do this. The pain and suffering of a farm job are not worth another year or two. I have heard positives from travelers that have done there time. But it was rare.

I wrote a whole article from a more non-bias viewpoint for farm work

What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement

I also wrote an article on my own personal experiences

Costa Berries Gingin- The truth behind the 88-day farm work!

Want to know more about struggles check out this video!

Thanks for reading

I know the thought of leaving your home country, can be worrying but its very rewarding. If you are thinking about going on working in Australia make sure you check out my massive article on Australian Working Holiday Visa -Everything You Need To Know  It’s perfect for everyone looking at going on a trip of live time.

Thanks again and don’t forget to smash it.

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