Guide To Staying With Others (Airbnb, Hostels, House Shares…)

Dealing with people when Traveling

Guide To Staying With Others When Traveling

When traveling there are times (if not all the time) that you will have to stay somewhere with others. This can be the most daunting task for any traveler, Some like myself find meeting new people fun and interesting. Where others find it close to hell, this article is for them.

When planning you will start questioning everything from ” How do I stay safe in a strangers house?” “Will others steal my food and other items in hostels?” “Can I really afford another night in a hotel just to avoid strangers?”

If you are anything like Taylor, you hate people (She wouldn’t mind me saying this, She prefers animals). You use everything in your power to avoid people and the thought of sharing a room/house with others is your worse nightmare. But  If I can change her mind from not wanting to stay in anything other than a hotel, I can change yours. (But don’t worry I’m not going to force you to make friends). Just how to be social enough not to be weird.

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Unsociable people’s way of handling Airbnb (or hosts houses)

Not all AirBnb’s are the same, Some are like like your own private house. Where others, you are living in the hosts own family house.

If you have never used Airbnb and you dislike people, my biggest tip is to stay in a private Airbnb property and learning the simple Airbnb process then move to on hosted properties.

But from now on, when talking about Airbnb I will be talking about staying in the host’s house.

Things to remember:

You are a guest but it’s the hosts’ life!

When you stay in someone else’s house you should remember, you might be on holiday but they are not, the last thing they might want after they finish work is a traveler all in their space.

Don’t come in late all noisy at 3 am your host will not like this.

How to stay safe

  • Use Airbnb, don’t message outside it.
  • Check reviews on the people your staying with.
  • If you feel unsure about Airbnb’s host, message the host before staying asking if the room has an inside lock.

Keeping your food safe

Normally food is quite safe.

This really depends on how much the host thinks ahead, sometimes the host will designate your space in a fridge and freezer. Other times just find room.

Worst-case scenario you can put food in your room (just check house rules)

Meeting your host/other guests

Ok, even a socialist like myself, meeting new people is always hard.

But luckily being English, we have a set of conversation small talk built in.

For non-English people here is a list of great small talks

  • Talk about the weather
  • Ask what they do for work
  • Ask what is good to eat around. (food is always a good subject)
  • Movies, Tv, and Books.

It is great to talk to your host as they have fantastic local knowledge, which even fantastic travel bloggers like myself don’t have.

How to stay away from people in Airbnbs

  • After going through quick small talk, you can then hide in your room for the rest of the time (or until you feel comfortable to talk to your host).
  • Eat out, to avoid the kitchen.
  • Bathroom use only when needed.

Guest etiquette

Just try to be clean.

Washing plates after use, rinsing the shower after use. general tidiness. My top tip is to make the bed or strip it after your stay, it will help your host out. Yes, you did pay to stay there but being helpful doesn’t cost you anything.

Good sites to use

Or check out this article, for alternates to Airbnb

Unsociable people’s way of handling Hostels


Hostels can be considered a scary place. In the words of my nan “You have to share a bedroom!?”. But similar to Airbnb there is a way to dip your feet in the water before you make the jump. This is called getting a private room. This is one quick way to learn the process of hostels before going full board with people.

For you guys that want to know more about hostels check out my article: Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

For the rest of the article when referring to hostels I’m talking about shared rooms.

Things to remember:

Don’t copy others, follow the rules

How square does that sound. As someone who has stayed in many different hostels in many different countries and even worked in a couple, sticking to the rules is best for everyone. Every hostel will have slightly different rules if you don’t like the rules find a different hostel.

How to stay safe

Hostels like a lot of accommodation can be extremely mixed, in terms of quality and safety. I would ALWAYS check reviews before staying in any hostel. Normally the reviews do a very good job of showing bad hostels. Any reviews that say “lively, party and Best fun ever” or “dirty, unsafe and smelly” I avoid.

I would avoid reviews which make the hostel sound like a party. This is a social hostel, being unsocial you will get nothing from this apart from no sleep.

Keeping your food safe

This can be extremely difficult to do. Hostels have a bad reputation for people stealing food. There isn’t much you can do about it if you leave your food unguarded in the fridge.

So, a good rule is to lock it up. You can get pad-lockable bags or best case keep stuff in your locker (non-fridge stuff). Buy stuff when you need it.

Meeting others

Hostels can actually be a great way of meeting new people, even for people that normally actively avoid people. Here are some of the best ways of meeting people.

  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Hostel events
  • Buying a case of beers
  • chatting in the room
  • Playing pool, large chess or some other games the hostel has

How to stay away from people

Staying out the way is surprisingly easy in a hostel. Normally there are rooms that are barely used, you can hide in a corner there. Worse case you hide in your bed all day.

Room etiquette

Keep your shit in your locker, both for safety and cleanliness

Quiet and little light times are 9pm-7am. (This isn’t an official rule)Try to be quiet in these times and try not to put the main lights on.

Wash regularly (Strange one to put here but I know so many that need to be told)

If someone is in their bed, don’t try and make conversation with them. Let others have their space.

Good sites to use

Unsociable people’s way of handling House shares

Things to remember:

No one is your servant but you’re not there’s

When moving into a house, make sure you don’t become a slob and expect others to tidy up after you. The same goes for making sure don’t become the doormat, and let others treat you like shit.

How to stay safe

Buy a lock for your door, inside and out. You can lock things in your room and lock people out.

keeping your food safe

Store as much as possible under lock and key. But having respect with your other housemates you won’t have to worry.

Meeting your housemates

Depending on how you guys become housemates you may already know them. This is the easiest and the best way for an introvert.

How to stay away from people

Stay in your room

Room etiquette

Clean up after yourself,

Keep your noise down, don’t shower at 3 am.

Ask your housemates before inviting guests over

Share space

Good sites to use

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